Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Birthday Gifts for Twins

I had a great time last weekend. I take a vacation leave from work and visit my siblings .My first destination is New York .My sister Janie lives there for almost three years now. She had to move there because of work . She use to stay in my place at New Jersey. I really miss her. Its her birthday so I'm thinking of the best gift for her. So, I bought some Backstreet Boys Tickets and Celine Dion Tickets as a gift. Hope she likes it because she's an avid fan of them . I also a great fan of them. My sister really loves it. She was shouting out for joy. She even treat me a delicious dinner because of that.

My sister and I also decided to visit together our brother Jones in Chicago. It's my sister Janie twin actually. We also celebrated his birthday there. He's dont love music that much but his addicted to sports. So I gave him New York Jets Tickets, San Diego Chargers Tickets and Rascal Flatts Tickets . He's was addicted to them so hope he also likes it . I never thought tickets could be best gift for anyone.

On my way home, I have so much fun. I can't forget this weekend . I also brought my own ticket . Can't wait for the concert of Celine Dion.