Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Biotechnology: From Bench to Bedside (St. John University)

Had nothing to do this first day of May?Attend the Biotechnology: From Bench to Bedside conference held at the St. John University ,New York City. It is sponsored by the St. John's University Institute for Biotechnology and OSI Pharmaceuticals, Inc. .Invited Speakers are Dr. David Epstein (Vice President, Oncology Research, OSI Pharmaceuticals, Inc.),Roy L. Silverstein, M.D.(Chairman, Department of Cell Biology, Vice Chair for Translational Research, Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland Clinic; Professor of Molecular Medicine, Case School of Medicine),Sharon Nachman, M.D.(Professor of Pediatrics, Associate Dean for Research Stony Brook University School of Medicine, State University of New York at Stony Brook) Seth Fidel, Ph.D., J.D.(Partner, Cantor Colburn LLC ) and Daniel B. Yarosh, Ph.D.(President and Chairman of the Board, AGI Dermatics)

The escalating cost of medical care in the United States is of growing concern to all. One of the reasons cited for the increase in cost is the price of medicines and the length of time it takes to bring a drug to market. At this colloquium five experts in the disciplines necessary to move an exciting discovery made at the laboratory bench to use in clinics at the bedside, will discuss issues and potential improvements in their fields. The areas to be discussed are research and development, translational medicine, clinical trials, patents, and bringing a product to market. This colloquium is targeted to employees of biotechnology companies and members of college and university faculties in the life sciences. The aim is to bring participants in the biotechnology workforce development community together to bring about a greater understanding of the current reality in the biotechnology industry.

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