Monday, May 5, 2008

Manggahan Festival (Island of Guimaras,Philippines)

In 1993, Guimaras started the Manggahan Festival , a parade of the country's sweetest mangoes grown in the province. They celebrate this festival every third week of May every year to express their colorful way of life.Festive and high-spirited,the Guimarasñons welcome local and foreign tourists with songs and dances perform by the famous tribe of Guimaras which are the Tribu Balsahan of Baranggay Rizal, Tribu Bulaang Moros of Buenavista, Tribu Bulantihan of Jordan and Asinan Festival Tribe of San Lorenzo. “Lin-ay sg Guimaras” is one of the events that draw attention annually.

Mangoes grown in Guimaras contribute significantly to Western Visayas share in the country's total mango production. Along with their other agricultural produce,mangoes bring income to most local households and generate employment. Mangoes are also widely exported to the United States, Japan,Europe and Australia.