Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Secret Cove Beach Resort

I was watching a show about beach resorts last weekend.I was amazed when they feature the Secret Cove Beach Resort. I wish I could go there.The beach was owned and managed by Filipino & Canadian.It is located at Camiguin which rhymes with “come again,” has been regarded as the most beautiful island in the country. As such, it is also referred to as the Philippines’ “Garden of Eden.” The presence of a number of majestic waterfalls that create both hot and cold springs is only one of the many attractions of this island-paradise. The topography is unmistakably tropical but the ambience is uniquely occidental. A study in contrast, Camiguin is sure to mesmerize anyone who visits with the itch to be back again soon.I wish I was there.

Secret Cove's kitchen offers an excellent selection of local and imported dishes and our Menu is continually added to and improved on with numerous "specials". At Secret Cove Resort run by Canadian Tom Solski and his Camiguinon wife Bida, you’ll find the simple pleasures of Island living and nutritious home cooked food.Secret Cove is located on approximately 1 Acre of land fronting the Mindanao Sea (right across from White Island).They have 4 Air-conditioned rooms and 3 Fan rooms, we are 6 kilometers to the capital Mambajao on the National Highway. and only 4 kilometers to the airport.

To the amazing delight of any visitor, the island is so clean and so very green, full of lavish gifts and bounties with a cool climate. It is rich of volcanic soil which is conducive to any kind of plants, particularly vegetables and fruits, among them the island's famous sweet lanzones and orchids. Camiguin enjoys an abundant potable water supply from its mountain springs and streams. Some baronages are supplied by pure soda water from mountain springs, some get drinking water from the hot or cold water springs. To any visitor, a small place like Camiguin offers a lot of surprises. Natural tourist attractions are only minutes away from each other. Camiguin is the only place in the whole Philippines with seven volcanoes. Its highest peaks are Mt. Tamping (1,580 meters), Mt. Mambajao (1,400 meters) and Mt. Hibok-Hibok (1,250 meters), the latter being the favorite among the mountain climbers. It's the only active volcano among the seven, the last time it erupted in 1951.