Thursday, August 21, 2008

How to prepare a trade show exhibit.

Trade show is an event at which goods and services in a various industry are exhibited and demonstrated .Most of the trade shows aims to facilitate direct contact between manufacturers but some are aimed to the end user. Some trade fairs are open to the public, while others can only be attended by company representative and press people. These events range in size, varying from a small group of exhibitors in a hotel to large-scale affairs usually at a convention center .

I would like to share you some ideas I collected in preparing a trade show exhibit.First, contact the event sponsor or an organizer who can assist you with selecting exhibit space,payment information and event services.Select for your exhibit space,size of the trade show booths and its location.Always determine your trade show booths requirements. Remember, trade show display is one of the most important aspects of your trade show presentation.You need to have a trade show booths that's going to draw and engage potential customers and contacts.Use banner stands to hang some of your products at customer eye-level to draw them into your display.If your exhibit needs a table, use table skirts.Some exhibitors use pipe and drape to make their display more organize and tidy.Aside from your display ,check also the electricity, audiovisual,computer and internet connections, carpeting and padding and other important things needed at your trade show booths .Then, advertise your trade show through advertising,direct or email campaign or publicize through press release.To promote your company during the trade show, prepare some sample products or service brochure.Purchase some giveaways items to attract passersby to your trade show booths