Friday, August 22, 2008

I want a car

I always wished I had my own car but I don't have enough money to buy.I use to live 25 miles away from my work and I realized that the amount I spend in riding public vehicle in a month for work and errands will be more than car payments, maintenance, gas, and insurance.So if I had my own car, it will be easy for me to travel from one place to another anytime I wanted.I also wanted a car very much because it's for my comfort and safety.There were times that I'm not aware that the driver was drunk and who knows,accident might happen.Sometimes,it is not convenient to ride in an almost broken down public vehicle.

But nowadays there were so many ways to own your dream car.There were so many company, available online, that offers financial assistance for your car.But others would say that it's difficult to find the best auto loan because of its requirements, might be a scam and very high interest rates.I think I just got lucky because I was able to find the best auto loan that is dedicated in finding me the best auto loan rates no matter where I will be purchasing my dream car.What I like most is that it offers lowest interest rates.So,I need not to worry about my monthly payments because its very affordable.