Monday, August 11, 2008

Kasadyaan Festival in Sarangani,Philippines

Every September,the quiet town of Alabel in Sarangani is stirred up by a flurry of activities as people prepare for the Kasadyaan Festival.Kasadyaan means happiness.Booths in various shapes and forms are put up in the middle of the town plaza displaying a variety of Alabel's farm and aqua products such as corn,copra,mango and prawn.

With their ingenuity, the people of Alabel see the potential of turning corn husks in to more useful products such as hats,bags and flower vases which they sell to augment their income.

The highlight of the week-long festival is a parade of students in their bright and colorful costumes accented by corn husks.This culminates in a dance competition where they showcase their talents and creativity.