Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bubble-Wrap Baby

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A premature baby was kept alive with bubble wrap, says a report from Mail Online.The little mite swaddled in bubble wrap is Gregor Craig who was just 24 weeks weighing a tiny 1lb 14oz - so small that his father's wedding ring fitted over his arm.His chances of survival were slim, but doctors wanted to give him every chance.So they wrapped him in the bubble wrap to keep him warm. Hospitals often use plastic wrap to help premature babies retain their body heat, but this was the first time the doctors in Kintyre, western Scotland, had used the bubble variety.Luckily their efforts paid off and five months later he has finally been allowed home with his family in Argyll.

His mother, Martine Craig, suffered a previous miscarriage.She was worried about losing her new baby.But then just a week after her 23-week scan Mrs Craig began suffering severe stomach pain. She went to Campbeltown hospital in Kintyre where doctors told her she was suffering from a urinary tract infection. A few hours later, the infection had triggered labour and the doctors couldn't stop it.But miraculously, Gregor survived the birth.