Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Protect Your Personal Privacy

I have checked my e-mails lately and was quiet annoyed with dozens of strange messages.The problem was,I didn’t recall sending that many emails out, especially to questionable email addresses.Some of my precious time were wasted erasing those undeliverable messages.

There were also times that hadn't sent any spam emails but I was receiving undeliverable spam messages back to my account. It made me think for a moment, why do spammers do this?I made a research about this and was able to find good answers from was mention in their site that spammers know that most emails sent without a valid “From:” address (or those sent from addresses and/or domains that are known as spam originators and are blocked accordingly) don’t reach their destinations. A forged return address gives an air of legitimacy to the mailing. The spammers aren’t using your server for their mass mailing; they’re just using your email address in the “From:” field.Spam email lists are notoriously inaccurate, as a high percentage of the emails on the lists are no longer active or deliverable. Of the undeliverable emails sent, most will simply disappear, but 7-10% of the emails will be accepted by the server on the other end, then sent back as undeliverable later. These are the bounce-backs that end up causing the problem.

There was another question,how can be stop those spam and junk mail?Good thing there were company that can help you in protecting your personal privacy like your email.The Privacy Council offers a full list removal service.They can remove you from the major mailing lists, call lists and marketing lists.