Thursday, November 20, 2008

Great Qualities of the Queen of Fibers

Do you know that some of the most beautiful garments in the world like the Japanese Kimono,the Indian sari and the Korean "hanbok" have something in common.They are often made of silk,a lustrous fabric that has been called the queen of fibers.Silk is produced by silkworms, or caterpillars of the silkworm moth.There are hundreds of types of silkworms.The best type of silk is obtained from cocoons made by the larvae of the mulberry silkworm Bombyx mori reared in captivity.It takes quite a number of silkworms to make silk fabrics, which has given rise to sericulture,the raising of silkworms.

Let me share to you the qualities of silk I read from the Awake magazine.Silk is strong as steel filament of comparable size.It has an elegant luster of pearl.It is gentle to skin because of the amino acids that make up the silk.Silk is said to guard against various skin-related ailments.Also, the amino acids and the tiny voids in silk fiber absorb and let out a considerable amount of perspiration,keeping you dry and cool in the hot season.Silk is also heat resistant because it does not give off toxic gas in the event of fire.Silk absorbs ultraviolet rays and thus protects the skin.

Silk production is now done in countries such as China,India,Uzbekistan,Brazil,France and Japan.Artificial fibers are also available in the market but silk still has no equal.

photo credit: basajauntoxo on flickr