Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Most Annoying Work Habits

I would like to share this interesting article about a survey of most annoying work habits.We know that sometimes at work, there are situations or persons that may annoy us.There are also times that without our knowledge we are the one who is annoying.Think about it?

Do you know that "loud phone conversations, use of speakerphones and constant complaints about workload were the top list of our co-workers' most annoying work habits," reports the Washington post. Among the other habits that anger fellow workers are "cliques among co-workers, arriving late at work, talking to oneself, talking to co-workers over cubicle walls, bad hygiene and loud eating."Such bad habits also damage worker productivity.Most of those who responded to researchers' questions admitted, however, that they had never confronted those who irritate them. "And for good reason," says the newspaper."They can be just guilty themselves." :)