Friday, December 12, 2008

A Christmas Gift for Myself

Its thirteen days before Christmas and everyone are so excited for the holiday season. People are busy shopping gifts for their family and friends. But wait a minute, have you ever wish for something that you really want to receive this Christmas? Do you always hope that Santa Clause would grant these simple wish of yours? I always wish for brand new watch this Christmas. It must be analog fashionable watch , preferably "military green" colored and perfect for day and evening wear.

Yesterday, one of my friend told me about TOCS Watches. She said that TOCS™ is a company that creates bold fashion forward wristwatches using high tech, shock resistant materials. There are many colors to choose from and I think I am lucky because there is a "military green" colored watch which is my favorite. These items where even mentioned in Oprah Winfrey's O Magazine, as part of "The O List 2008 (Holiday Edition) Great Gifts under $100.00 including Oprah's All - Time Favorites." In the December 2008 issue, page 88, of the magazine , it was stated there that "Wrist candy revisited: Round or barrel shaped, some with stylized surreal-looking numbers, Tocs boost neutral clothes with a hit of Crayola color." I am really excited the first time I heard it from my friend. I think I don't need to wait for Santa. What I like most about these TOCS Watches is that it is very affordable.

So the next thing I do is to visit their online store and Purchase TOCS watches. One for me and one for my friend who inform me about it. I think this the one of the best Christmas gift I ever had for my self.