Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Heavenly Smile

The alignment of planets Venus and Jupiter making it appear as sparkling eyes complimenting to the 1st quarter moon shaped like lips smiling beautifully made the eve of December 1,2008 a heavenly smiling figure.There's no interpretation for this on the part of the astrologist's as of this moment.

But let us make our genius interpretation for such a scenic heavenly display.It has something to represent a smiling face staring at you if you look at it.It denotes glory and happiness.Maybe a grand Christmas celebration ahead of us.It is probable that the incoming year would be abundant because good graces will pour in.It would be possible if we work harder.

Furthermore, it reminds us that global crisis is not a threat but a challenge.It makes a person durable and ready to face obstacles.So, SMILE a heavenly smile.Do not frown...:)