Friday, December 12, 2008

Simple tips to avoid gaining weight this Holiday Season

During Holiday season,we always have parties and reunion with family and friends.With all the joy and good cheer, watching your weight can either become impossible or a complete chore.Let me share you some simple tips how to avoid gaining weight this Christmas season which I've read from Nestle Magazine.The first thing to remember is that do not feel pressured to eat more just because it is Christmas. Some people eat a lot during parties because they feel it is expected of them or they think it is impolite to refuse the food. Then, try eat a little something like crackers or fruit before you go to a party.You will tend to stuff yourself in the party if you go with empty stomach.In a sit-down dinner, try to sit beside someone you like.By doing so, you will be focused on talking and not on eating.Drink alcoholic beverages only after you have eaten.Alcohol lowers your inhibitions and increases hunger.