Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Unique Art of MaryJane Goods

Have you heard about the Mary Jane Goods?It is a company which is the best producer, marketer and retailer of specialty products like tapestries, T-shirts, posters, stickers and mousepads. In Wikipedia, it is described as an idea conceptualized by the idea of fusing “high science” with “high art.” The double entendre is not lost when it comes to the subject utilized by the two very different worlds as the brand offers an array of products appealing to Cannabis friendly devotees of all walks of life. The company aims to connect trends in science in art through a product that is diverse yet is enjoyed by unique set of people.

Most of their products are unique because it is the first company to create custom genetic portraits of C. Sativa also know as Cannabis. They also feature genetic fingerprint of the Cannabis Sativa plant better known as Marijuana or by its street name, Mary Jane. The DNA prints was a hit so they decided to launch a full range of products available online. Some of their products are:

Art stash box

This 6in x 6in by 5.5in poplar wood cube is painted in an assortment of colors with a genetic print of C. Sativa on the face. Sure to light up any room, literally: the print glows in the dark. Hollow and backless, you can stash whatever you want it in as it hangs on your wall.

DNA fingerprint of C. Sativa

This 24” by 24” canvas print is the lovechild of high science and high art. Mountable, the canvas print completes any decor. Its abstract pattern is the actual DNA fingerprint of C. Sativa. Art that will spark guests interests without drowning out the other pieces, it's the perfect addition to any room.

In addition to the varied products, an interactive website, Free downloadable 4:20 world clock widget as well as promotions and a social media site are associated with the product.