Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Archmaille Designs

I was searching for a handmade silver jewelry for my friend in the internet. I came across to a site Archmaille Designs.Archmaille Designs sells products like sterling silver jewelry, copper jewelry, chainmail armor, or any other custom item and they are 100% handcrafted by the person.I look to their designs and they are beautiful. The prices are cheap and there's a free jewelry care advise so I purchase a new bracelet. I'm sure my friend will like it.

Dig by Incubus

We all have a weakness
But some of ours are easy to identify.
Look me in the eye
And ask for forgiveness;
We'll make a pact to never speak that word again
Yes you are my friend.

We all have something that digs at us,
At least we dig each other
So when weakness turns my ego up
I know you'll count on the me from yesterday

If I turn into another
Dig me up from under what is covering
The better part of me
Sing this song
Remind me that we'll always have each other
When everything else is gone.

We all have a sickness
That cleverly attaches and multiplies
No matter how we try.

We all have someone that digs at us,
At least we dig each other
So when sickness turns my ego up
I know you'll act as a clever medicine.

If I turn into another
Dig me up from under what is covering
The better part of me.
Sing this song!
Remind me that we'll always have each other
When everything else is gone.
Oh each other....
When everything
Else is gone.

Manuka Honey

Do you know that research found out that manuka honey is a superior treatment for wound infections.It is of natures wonders with healing properties that has led to it even being used in hospitals.It is being used successfully for conditions such as burns, wounds, ulcers, bed sores, MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staph Auereus) infected wounds, scar wound healing etc. It can also help internal problems like acid reflux, esophagitis, heartburn, stomach ulcers, helicobacter pylori, gastritis, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome etc.

So if you have problem with you skin try to use 7 Cream with Manuka Honey.

Skin and Formulation,3rd Symposium

Attend the 3rd Symposium on Skin and Formulation which will take place on March 9 to 10, 2009, in the prestigious “Palais des Congrès” of Versailles.

The 3rd Symposium programme will treat advances in topical formulations for improved skin delivery and will include the following topics:
• Recent advances in biophysical techniques.
• Skin structure and biology.
• In silico, in vitro, and in vivo evaluations.
• New carriers for controlling topical drug delivery.
• Raw materials for Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care formulations; physical characterization.
• Skin – The Dermatologist’s perspectives

• Active transdermal drug delivery
There will be a mixture of plenary invited lectures and short communications selected from the abstracts received from young researchers so to have more topics presented (23 podium presentations versus 17 in 2006; 17 pleanary lectures and 6 presentations selected from the abstracts received from young researchers).

Suppliers will again be invited to display their latest technologies.

For more updates, visit http://www.apgi.org/skin.htm for more information

Monday, January 19, 2009

Social Networking for you stuff

Have you heard about Acobay? It is a social networking site where you can share and connect with other people around the world on the stuff that you buy and use everyday. That first time I heard about this, I think its a nice idea because you can share similar interest with others about the stuff you like and you can learn about most popular and latest products available today.

List of Participating Tribes at Dinagyang Festival

Here is the list of participating tribes in Dinagyang festival.

Iloilo Dinagyang Festival Ati Competition

1. Tribu Paghidaet
2. Tribu Ilonganon
3. Ang Taga Jaro
4. Tribu Silak
5. Tribu Atub-Atub
6. Tribu Panagat ( formerly Tribu Parianon)
7. Tribu Pag-asa
8. Tribu Pana-ad
9. Tribu Molave
10. Tribu Aninipay
11. Tribu Binhi
12. Tribu Milagrosa (formerly Tribu Baryohanon)
13. Tribu Bantu
14. Tribu Hamili
15. Tribu Angola
16. Tribu Himala
17. Tribu Himal- us
18. Tribu Bola- Bola

Iloilo Dinagyang Festival Kasadyahan Competition

* Tribu Tinuom - Cabatuan
* Tribu Bayluhay - San Joaquin
* Tribu Saad - Leganes
* Tribu Maragtas - WVSU
* Tribu Mandurriaonon - Mandurriao
* Tribu Banate

Dream summer vacation at the beach

Its three months to go and it's summertime once again. Have you dream for your summer vacation? Me, I always wanted to ride in a speed boat and enjoy the water. After that go to my Boat Storage to keep it.But here's a simple advice, before putting your boat into boat storage for the season, you should always give it a good and thorough cleaning. Failure to give it a good wash before storing it away for several months is like to result in a few foul smelling surprises when it comes time to put it back out on the water a few months later. Going through your boat with a fine tooth comb and cleaning it up prior to putting it into storage is the best way to avoid such a mess when you get it out at the beginning of the following season.
After keeping my boat,I would go to the sea side and breath the fresh air and look and collect for unique sea shells.How about you, what is your dream summer at the beach?

Hotels in IloIlo

Let me give you places where to stay in Iloilo if you like to join the Dinagyang Festival this coming Saturday and Sunday.Here are the list of hotels in Iloilo:

Amigo Terrage Hotel
Iznart-Delgado Sts., Iloilo City
335-0908 to 17
FAX 335-0610

Days Hotel
4th Flr. The Atrium Bldg. Gen. Luna St., Iloilo City
337-3297 / 336-8801 to 10
FAX 336-8000

Centennial Plaza Hotel
Jalandoni St, Iloilo City
(033) 337-2277
FAX (033) 337-2299

Hotel Del Rio
M.H. del Pilar St., Molo, Iloilo City
FAX 337-0736

La Fiesta Hotel
M.H. del Pilar St., Molo, Iloilo City
FAX 337-9508

The Grand Dame Hotel
Corner Rizal and Huervana Streets, La Paz, Iloilo City
(033) 508-8881
FAX (033) 320-5656

The Residence Hotel
M.H. del Pilar St., Molo, Iloilo City
338-1091 to 93
FAX 337-2454

Sarabia Manor Hotel
Gen. Luna St., Iloilo City
FAX 337-9127

Chateau Angelique Hotel
Arguelles St., Jaro, Iloilo City
329-1380 / 329-0240 to 44
FAX 329-1390

Chito’s Hotel
Cor. Jalandoni-de Leon Sts., Iloilo City
337-6415 / 337-6135
FAX 338-1186

Fine Rock Hotel
Jalandoni St., Iloilo City
336-9076 to 79
FAX (033) 336-9080

Harbor Town Hotel
J.M. basa cor. Aldeguer Sts., Iloilo City
337-2384 / 336-1435 to 37
FAX (033) 336-1438

Hotel Madia-as
Aldeguer St., Iloilo City
(033) 337-2756 / 337-2750 / 337-0206
Four Season Hotel
Cor. Fuentes-Delgado Sts., Iloilo City
FAX(033) 509-3888/509-4888

Jaro Bellevue Pensionne
Lopez Jaena St., Jaro, Iloilo City
320-9521 to 23

Metro Iloilo Apartelle
Gustilo cor. Jereos Sts., La Paz, Iloilo City
320-4160 / 320-5428

Pension Del Carmen
24-28 Gen. Luna St., Iloilo City
(033) 338-1626

Sports Pension
Magsaysasy Village, La Paz, Iloilo City
(033) 329-3838 / 329-4848

St. Og’s Traveller’s Pension
Delgado St., Iloilo City
(033) 337-7082 / 336-2444
FAX (033) 336-2555

Follow me on twitter

Do you know that one way to increase you traffic for your blog is to join twitter. Twitter is a free social networking service that allows you to post or read any links, messages and updates for your readers. For example, if you open the page ted on twitter, you can read his updates and at the same time you can send message to him instantly. So, come and follow me on twitter.

Schedule of activities of Dinagyang Festival

Dinagyang festival is a religous and cultural festival celebrated every fourth sunday of January here in Iloilo, Philippines. It is celebrated to honor Santo Niño and of Ate which are the first settlers of Panay. This festival is celebrated with street dancing, food festival and many more.

For the schedule of activities:

November 6, 2009 (12nn) - Local Launch of Dinagyang Festival

December 7, 2009 (3pm) - National Launch of Dinagyang Festival

December 13, 2009 (2pm) - Pamukaw 2009

December 14, 2009 (2pm) - Presentation of Miss Dinagyang 2009 candidates

January 16, 2009 (3pm) - Opening Salvo

January 21, 2009 (7pm) - Coronation Night of Miss Dinagyang 2009

January 22 to 23, 2009 - First Iloilo International Dragon Boat Race Competition

January 23, 2009 (8am) - Dinagyang Drum and Bugle Competition

January 23, 2009 (3pm) - Fluvial Procession

January 24, 2009 (8am) - Kasadyahan Competition

January 24, 2009 (7pm) - International Night

January 25, 2009 (8am) - Dinagyang Ati Competition

January 25, 2009 (7pm) - Iloilo Dinagyang 2009 Awarding Ceremonies

Friday, January 16, 2009

Personalized Poems as a gift

My friend is going to celebrate her birthday tomorrow and right now I am still busy thinking of best gift for her. Luckily, I came across a site that sells personalized poems for only $15 which includes couples poems and two names for one poem.The poems can be also be place in a frame where you can choose the paper and style of the font you want. I think this will be the perfect gift for my friend.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dragon Ball in live-action film....

The 20th Century Fox is going to put in real action the popular Japanese manga and anime series Dragon Ball.They were able to acquire the film rights in March 2002.The title will be Dragonball Evolution.Justin Chatwin will play the lead character as Goku.The story will center around the adventures from his childhood to adulthood as he trains in martials arts and search of the seven mystical objects popularly known as the Dragon Balls which can grant any wish.Lord Piccolo is the antagonist of the film played by James Marsters.

Click here to watch the trailer in thier official Japanese website.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Nickel Creek - This Side

love the band and their music

Earn Extra Income by Blogging

One of my friend told me that you can earn extra income by blogging. I did not start to believe the first time I heard about this. All I know is that blog is a personal diary where you can write any topic you want and share it to your family and friends.However, my friend also mentioned that there were sites that are willing to pay to bloggers.This site like Paying Post for example is a blog advertising network where bloggers get paid to blog.

How do this work? Its very simple. All you have to do is to create a blog or you can use your existing blog. Then register for free to the sites that offers blog advertising.Then, confirm your registration to your email account and submit your blog approval. Most blog advertising networks like Payingpost approved your blog so fast so you can start earn extra income as soon as possible.If you are a member ,you will get to write posts about interesting websites, products, and many more and they will pay you to do it.

I read from an article in the internet that most companies advertise their products and services thru blogging to makes more sales and exposure.Several company around the world advertise on blogs because it is cheaper compared to any other from of media and it is very effective.People around the world can make a written review about their products and services. Blog advertising can benefit not only the advertisers but also the bloggers.They can earn extra money from it.

Monday, January 5, 2009

My mom's garden

My mom loves plants .She spend most of her time gardening and plant different kinds of plants.I am not familiar with the names of these so if you have any idea or knowledge, please help me name this flowers.These are the plants commonly found in my mom's garden.

The next group of plant belong to the same family but with different colors:

And here's more:

Friday, January 2, 2009

Simple Tips in Buying the Best Laptop

Its new year once again and do you plan to buy a new laptop? Let me share to you some simple guide in buying the best laptop which I read from Shopwiki. I find it very informative and wanted to share it to you. We are aware that nowadays, laptop computers have come down in prices significantly for past few years because of the increase in competition among computer companies. In buying laptop, we always consider its specifications and design. Compared to desktop computers, latest laptop are sleek, light and powerful machines that offer high performance.

If you want to use the laptop for business, wireless networking is essential. Portability must be consider so look for notebook with a good battery life and lightweight design. Do not worry about extra programs and applications.Also look for a flicker-free, high quality LCD screen to reduce eyestrain. If you are a student, you need a well-round machine which can offer a little bit of everything you need. Find something small enough so that you can bring it anywhere and it must have a WiFi. If you need the laptop for multimedia use, find the biggest hard drive possible so that you can store all your music, movies and photos. If your addicted to computer games and wanted to buy new laptop, speed is very important so pay attention to processors and RAM.

120th Annual Rose Parade

Happy New Year Everyone.

Yesterday, I watched the 120 Annual Rose Parade on television.The Rose Parade is the festival of flowers, music, equestrians and a college football game celebrated every New Year day in California. I enjoyed watching the parade. The float were amazingly designed, the parade were very organized and love the roses. If I were one of the judges of that event, it will be difficult for me to decide who will win the trophy.By the way, here are the trophy winners of the 12oth Annual Rose Parade from ktla.com.

Sweepstakes Trophy for most beautiful entry with outstanding floral presentation and design: Rain Bird Corp.'s "Entertaining Expedition"

Lathrop K. Leishman Trophy for most beautiful noncommercial entry: Sierra Madre Rose Float Assn.'s "Bollywood Dreams"

Grand Marshal's Trophy for excellence in creative concept and design: city of Cerritos' "Camelot -- A Knight's Tale"

President's Trophy for most effective floral use and presentation: NAMM, the International Music Products Assn.'s "Believe in Music"

Director's Trophy for outstanding artistic merit in design and floral presentation: Vera Bradley's "Hope Grows"

Queen's Trophy for most effective use and display of roses in concept, design and presentation: Donate Life's "Stars of Life"

Mayor's Trophy for most outstanding city entry, national or international: city of Huntington Beach's "Surf City USA"

Theme Trophy for excellence in presenting parade theme: American Honda's "Hats Off in Celebration"

National Trophy for best depiction of life in the U.S., past, present or future: Anchorage Convention and Visitors Bureau's "Celebrating Alaska - Spirit of the Wild"

Governor's Trophy for best depiction of life in California: city of Roseville's "Entertaining Dreams for a Century"

Bob Hope Humor Trophy for most comical and amusing entry: New Mexico USA's "Hats off to New Mexico -- Beep Beep!"

Judges' Special Trophy for most spectacular showmanship and dramatic impact: city of Mission Viejo's "Making a Splash"

Animation Trophy for best animation and motion: La Canada Flintridge Tournament of Roses Assn.'s "Mechanical Melodies"

Fantasy Trophy for most outstanding display of fantasy and imagination: Bayer Advanced's "The Garden of Oz"

Founders' Trophy for most spectacular entry built and decorated by volunteers from a community or organization: Downey Rose Float Assn.'s "Broadway's Golden Age"

International Trophy for most beautiful entry from outside the continental U.S.: China Airlines Ltd.'s "Taiwan Lantern Festival"

Princess's Trophy for most beautiful entry 35 feet or under: Kiwanis International's "Sharing the Great Outdoors"

Isabella Coleman Trophy for best presentation of color and color harmony through floral use: National Assn. of Realtors' "Celebrating the Dream of Home Ownership for 100 Years"

Tournament Special Trophy for exceptional merit in multiple categories, including floats over 55 feet: Kaiser Permanente's "Propel Your Dreams"

Past Presidents Trophy for most creative use of floral and non-floral elements: city of Glendale's "Sneak Preview"

Tournament Volunteers Trophy for best floral design of theme 35 feet or under: city of Torrance's "Mad Hatter's Tea Party"

Craftsman Trophy for exceptional showmanship and dramatic impact , over 55 feet only: Farmers Insurance Group's "Family Outing"

Extraordinaire Trophy for most spectacular entry over 55 feet: Jack in the Box's "Jack-O-Licious"

Crown City Innovation Trophy for best use of imagination and innovation to advance the art of float design: Western Asset's "Entertaining Our Imaginations"