Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Earn Extra Income by Blogging

One of my friend told me that you can earn extra income by blogging. I did not start to believe the first time I heard about this. All I know is that blog is a personal diary where you can write any topic you want and share it to your family and friends.However, my friend also mentioned that there were sites that are willing to pay to bloggers.This site like Paying Post for example is a blog advertising network where bloggers get paid to blog.

How do this work? Its very simple. All you have to do is to create a blog or you can use your existing blog. Then register for free to the sites that offers blog advertising.Then, confirm your registration to your email account and submit your blog approval. Most blog advertising networks like Payingpost approved your blog so fast so you can start earn extra income as soon as possible.If you are a member ,you will get to write posts about interesting websites, products, and many more and they will pay you to do it.

I read from an article in the internet that most companies advertise their products and services thru blogging to makes more sales and exposure.Several company around the world advertise on blogs because it is cheaper compared to any other from of media and it is very effective.People around the world can make a written review about their products and services. Blog advertising can benefit not only the advertisers but also the bloggers.They can earn extra money from it.