Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My New Blog Portal

I came across a site called and I find it great. provides free hosting of community aggregators or blog portals. Community aggregators provide easy access to blogs by a community that is interested in a specific topic. The site is so interesting that I finally created my own aggregator and submitted my blog to the page where the topic is related to the topic of my blog. You can also submit your blog to my new aggregator. If you will be successful aggregators, it can be a major source of blog traffic. There are also aggregator widgets you can put on webpages. If entry click through the aggregator page or through widgets, it will count toward entry popularity.

Now, you might wondering how is the popular entries in the works? The service periodically selects aggregator entries that are "popular" and shows them on the home page. A new entry may appear as often as every 30 minutes. An entry is considered popular primarily based on (valid) clicks it receives in aggregators or aggregator widgets. selects entries that are popular in relation to other entries in the same aggregator. There are a couple successful community aggregators already that are hosted by

Monday, February 2, 2009


If you want to know something...more that you think you know..write it in a survey..ask for more..

Its a nice place......promise

One of my friend had been addicted to alcohol. She wanted to stop it but she doesn't have any idea what the best thing to do. She tried so many "don't do this" things but she control her self and avoid it. So I recommend her to stay to rehabilitation centers. But she doesn't think it was a best idea because its boring to stay in this place. Luckily, my cousin told her about the Promises rehabilitation centers. My cousin told us that this is the perfect place to renew because it doesn't look like a ordinary rehabilitation centers but its a paradise. The place is nestled in the picturesque Santa Monica Mountains with a gorgeous panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, Promises Malibu offers an unparalleled recovery experience, uncommon luxury and is the rehab facility of choice for anyone wanting the finest quality surroundings while experiencing the highest quality addiction treatment program. Staying here is like having a month long summer vacation.

Higher by Creed

When dreaming I'm guided through another world
Time and time again
At sunrise I fight to stay asleep
'Cause I don't want to leave the comfort of this place

'Cause there's a hunger, a longing to escape
From the life I live when I'm awake

So let's go there
Let's make our escape
Come on, let's go there
Let's ask can we stay?

Can you take me higher?
To the place where blind men see
Can you take me higher?
To the place with golden streets

Although I would like our world to change
It helps me to appreciate
Those nights and those dreams
But, my friend, I'd sacrifice all those nights
If I could make the Earth and my dreams the same
The only difference is
To let love replace all our hate

So let's go there
Let's make our escape
Come on, let's go there
Let's ask can we stay?

Up high I feel like I'm alive for the very first time
Up high I'm strong enough to take these dreams
And make them mine