Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Philippine National Anthem Being Murdered?

Every time Boxing World Champ Manny Pacquiao does his game mostly in Las Vegas, best Filipino singers are chosen to sing the Philippine National Anthem. As expected Manny the Boxer, did his part so well, he brought home the Title. How about our singers, did they perform well? There are those who sang simply and correctly but mostly failed to give justice to a very simple yet very important song. In the recent game of Pacquiao versus the British Ricky Hatton, Martin Nievera, tagged to be the country's concert king did the best of what he thought was a splendid performance. Unluckily, he was mistaken. Right after his rendition, critics came out of their shell.

The Philippine Hymn, as simple as it is was modified according to his taste. The tempo was modified, the notes were changed. What a disaster!

Haven't you heard the U.S. singers rendered their own Star-Spangled Banner Hymn?No modification at all. Just the usual melody and notes being sung with passion.

Why should we modify such a noble piece? If only we can sing our National Hymn with dignity and pride. Let us absorb the beautiful melody and sing the lyrics with passion. Every single word touches our mind and soul. It can ever stir the heart of one. Then why should we murder our own Philippine National Anthem?