Monday, June 22, 2009

Coconut - Tree of Life

Philippines is a coconut producing country. Filipinos considered it as a tree of life. Livelihood is possible if you plant coconut trees. They grow well along coastal areas but also in the highlands. According to survey they grow abundantly in Mindanao.

The matured trunks can be used as coco lumber. It has many uses. They can be sturdy posts, trusses and frames of furnitures.The leaves are used as covering in making a native delicacy called suman. The fruits are the most valuable ones. The meat can be eaten with its refreshing coconut water. They can cure certain ailments like kidney problem. It is the creamy white fluffy meat that we needed in making the ever-hit buko-pandan salad or the yummy buko-fruit salad.

In addition, more sweety-sweety candies can be made out of its meat. A coconut candy is irresistible, one would easily forget having a diabetes with its tempting colors. And who wouldn't miss a coconut milk bath after an exposure to the sun? The creamy milk enlivens the dry hair making it grow lustrous and black.

In some third world countries like us, people are depending much on their strength and effort. A tree of coconut is a partner in all aspect, as they face the daily hardship of life in order to survive.