Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Comfort Zone - Can We Live Without it?

The recent economic depression brought about by the Global Crisis directly hit the USA and the Europe. However, the end result was an economic disaster particularly in Asian countries where in Philippines is situated. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) come home in their dreamlands back to their homeland.

Mostly affected by this are the families of said OFWs who were used to live in comfort for quite sometime. In a country like the Philippines, family members are strongly knitted to each other. A father or a mother leaves the country for employment to other countries to give a better life to its family members. Sometimes, an elder brother or an elder sisters take the lead in fortune hunting to the other side of the continent. They keep on sending back home enough dollars for convenient living and choosing a better education to the younger siblings. There are instances that a simple lifestyle is being forgotten.

How about if one day we will just wake-up to the painful truth that our dollar-earning kin will soon be home, jobless and teary? Have we set aside something behind for occasion like this? Are we ready to look for a replacement for the resources we're looking? Can we leave behind the comfort and go back to the traditional provincial life?

Let us be prepared and face realities. A comfortable life is so irresistible, we could hardly miss it. But everything ends. We have to live with it.