Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Killed Three (3) Friends Today

Yes, I can't help but kill my 3 friends. I'll just reveal it to nobody but you. I should not do it. It's a CRIME but what can I do otherwise? It caused me a lot of pain. If only I can take it more. But not anymore. I tried to hold my temper. I wanted them to grow old. I'm dying to see them get to their shape and size, the looks of a grown up creature. I tolerated their evil deeds. They took my most precious belongings. They stole my treasures. They got my life. I could not smile anymore. My tears are rolling every time I got up in the morning staring at my chest of happiness. My jewels are gone, leaving behind emptiness. I shouted loud for a rescue but no sound came out of my mouth. I was completely devastated. I waited for so long to earn my jewels. I worked hard to protect them. Nothing fascinates me except my wealth. Now they're absolutely out of my sight. Where do I go? What shall I do?

I got a knife. I'm certain of my move. I'll put an end to their wrongdoings. I'm going to kill my friends, the three (3) of them. Not anyone should be left breathing. I'll chop them to pieces.

Indeed, I chopped them to million pieces. I can no longer take them eating all the leaves of my precious plants. My partner in the morning. My plants make my day. I shared them with my morning coffee. I love to see their green, healthy leaves. They gave beautiful flowers. Until one day, they are gone. My friends ate their leaves. The plants I cared for so long are massacred. My friends the CATERPILLAR are the culprits. So, goodbye I can't see you become a beautiful butterfly.