Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Naruto Manga 454 Spoiler

Status:Confirmed (from Narutofan)

土影様から 小さなおじいちゃんが土影様
      赤ツチ・黒ツチってお供二人を連れ(男女…男はアンパン○ンみたいなやつ女はアン コをさらにき つくしたような感じ)

Starts off with Tsuchi-kage (Earth/Soil-kage) - he's actually a small old man.
He's a stubborn old man that apparently threw out his back trying to hold his baggage on his own.
He has two companions - Aka-Tsuchi (red-soil) and Kuro-Tsuchi (Black-soil). (of the companions - the man looks like Anpanman, the woman looks like Anko with a little bit of weight.)

水影様 髪型を変えたツナデの様な人
    最近の若いやつは 根気 がないな~そんな説教してたら 遅れ ちゃい~
    が 婚期が遅れる… と勘違いし
    だまれ殺すぞ  っていっちゃう美人

To the summit
Mizu-kage (water) looks like a Tsunade with a different hairstyle.
She is with a man called "Ao" (Blue) and one of the Seven Swordsmen.
The young one was being lectured for lacking patience - and the young one misunderstands being "late" to be associated with a delayed pregnancy. The pretty-looking one tells him to shut up and threatens him.

雷影様 こいつはいいなあつすぎる男 さあ いくぞおおおおおお って

Rai-kage (thunder) says this guy's a good, passionate guy. As he says "Let's GOOOO!" He blasts through the room and makes his departure.

ナルトへ 人気のないところに連れてきたナルト さっさと情報よこせ
     と言われるが   やっぱサスケは売れない… 
 ナルトの答えは 気が済むまで殴ってくれ→ナルトフルボッコタイムへ

To Naruto. Naruto brings them (presumably the two Kumogakure-nins) to an isolated place and is told to give them information about Sasuke. But Naruto refuses to sell Sasuke out...
If you kill Sasuke - our village will retaliate and the endless chain of hate will perpetuate.
Then what should we do with the hate that WE harbour? (again, presumably the two Kumogakure-nins)
And Naruto's answer: you can keep hitting me until you're satisfied --> Naruto gets a beating

To Danzou
根 アンコには2人の見張りがついていますがやりますか?
ダン 今は大切な時期だ~そんな事をしたら大変だ
   それよりカブトをはやく発見するんだ(あいつは私とおろち丸の関係を知っているかもしれ ん…)
   あいつがもっている今までの医療データやらおろち丸の実験の資料などを探すほうが先決だ   わしの 右目・右手に役立つ事が載っているかもしれないのでな…

Ne (Root-anbu): Anko has two monitoring her - shall we go forward?
Danzou: Right now is an important time - we can't afford to do that now.
More importantly, we need to find Kabuto (He may know my connection with Orochimaru).
We need the medical data and experimental information from Orochimaru's work - that should be our priority.
Since he may have information that may be useful to my right eye and right hand...