Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Nurse's Guide to Good Living

I would to share this magazine to my friends out there who recently pass the Nursing Licensure exam. This magazine entitled Scrubs is a clinical nursing site where you can find professional advice from fellow nurses. I know this can help you a lot because there were interesting stories related to your profession. One of the article that I like most is the "8 Sleep Tips for Evening Nurses" written by Charla McMillian. The job of a nurse is not an easy task and most of them is on graveyard shift so a good sleep is very important. Carla outline the sleep recommendations she suggest to her clients who are nurses or other shift workers. The top priority on her list is to eat the day's final meal as soon as possible on arrival home after your shift.Then, start winding down as soon as possible, keep lights low and start getting into the mood for downtime.You will also go to bed (even if you're still a little wound up, practice setting a specific bed time) within one to two hours after you eat (e.g., 3 a.m.).You can read the rest on the tips on Scrubs Magazine.

As I mention earlier, being a nurse is not an easy job so sometimes they tend forget about fashion and beauty. I happy to inform that aside from professional and health care, Scrubs magazine gives beauty and fashion tips as well. One of the interesting article I have read, written by Anita, is about "Waking up Looking Younger". It was mention here that the effects of back-to-back, extra-long shifts will end up on your face: lines, discoloration, dull skin and puffiness. If you don't want these things to happen to you, follow these simple tips that Anita share.The first one is to get clean. Never, never, never go to bed still wearing makeup, even if you worked a double shift or are so tired after a night working the ER that you don’t even remember your name. Wearing makeup to bed clogs pores, letting toxins penetrate more deeply. Anita post five quick tweaks to your daily regimen so try to visit Scrubs for more beauty tips.