Monday, June 22, 2009

Pepper for Diabetes

A certain specie of Pepper plant that abounds anywhere in the Philippines is good for diabetic people. You can find these pepper plants mostly in commercial gardens even in malls. These is being cultured and propagated by garden owners for commercial purposes, that is why it is available in some stalls inside big malls planted to pots and priced reasonably for plants lovers. According to a Doctor who spoke about certain ailments on a popular TV station in the Philippines, the leaves of this plants can be taken as a tea. You just pour boiling water to a cup where leaves are on and presto! a herbal solution is done.

However, this plants is mostly admired for its colorful fruit. In fact, gardeners grow them for ornamental purposes rather than as herbal medicine. The colors of this plant gradually changes from colors 1 to 4.

After the flowering stage, small buds came out colored violet.

After a day or two it becomes lighter and changes to green. Another day will turn it slowly to lighter green until it comes out pale and become yellow.

At this stage the yellow fruit becomes darker beginning to turn orange and the last cycle makes the orange darker until it gets its shining red coating.

And above all the small attractive fruits can be garnished to your favorite meat recipe. These cone-shaped pepper plant looks like kisses chocolate that you really like most.

I have to make a thorough research as for the scientific name of this herbal pepper.