Monday, June 22, 2009


A seven (7) letter word so ordinary and defined differently. There are many ways to achieve it, so many style to spell it and we still word hard to conquer it. I'll just present to you how I take its meaning. Here is my own SUCCESS.

S- it seems lovely crooked line and it denotes Simplicity. We have to be simple in our dealings with people. Do not complicate things. In business, the simplest way you can explain about your product or commodity, the easier your customer will understand your drive. You can easily close deals then.

U- it looks like a horse-shoe letter and represents Luck. Lucky as you are but you have to be Unique. If you are outstanding everybody notices you. In a row of any art work, goods, commodities shows or models, the unique one usually gets the attention. You can make a lot of sale if you're a businessman. If you're employed, your boss easily notices and praise you.

C- Be Competent. If you are equipped with knowledge and enough know-how, you can strongly defend your presentation despite the critics. Who can beat a competent businesswoman or even an employee?

C- Be as Charming as you can. You don't have to be very pretty in order to look charming. Have a cheerful smile. Use decent languages, be as tactful as a Politician. A person's weapon in any battle is his charisma. How could you forget Samson and Delilah; Josephine and Napoleon Bonaparte?

E- Try to become Eloquent. One could get all the praises if you can speak well-spontaneously. Aside from that, get an electrifying yet decent look. Have a good-taste with clothing and always treat your dealings special. Every deal is worth a million-dollar.

S- You can be Smart yet Sympathetic. Show your concern with everybody. A smart person does not bluff a client or a friend or a buyer. Let them understand that a smart deal in getting back their money's worth.

S- Avoid a boring life. You must be always on-the-go. Be Sociable. Find your clients from the business-world. Socializing means mingling with people from all-walks-of-life. It might be on the churches while doing your religious obligation, in the office if you are an employee, perhaps in parties, too.

It does not matter whether an individual is employed, a self-employed or an employer. Every endeavor season with perseverance added to intellect will always spell SUCCESS.