Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Naruto 457 Confirmed Spoiler

From Nja : narutofan.com

1st part

Sasuke & co.
A hawk(?) is on Juugo's arm
The hawk(?) makes noises
Sasuke: "Well?"
Juugo: "There's route going up from the west, few guards there."
Sasuke: "Karin, keep checks on the locations of the chakra of the guards at all times. We're infiltrating from here on out."
Karin: "I'm going too?!"
Suigetsu: "Now's the time where you get to demonstrate your abilities."
Sasuke: "Zetsu is coming too."
Zetsu: "What?"
Sasuke: "You'll show us which one of them's Danzou, so come with us."

Danzou's turn
Danzou: "!"
Torune: "Looks like the report from Sai."
One of Sai's ink birds come flying, and Danzou opens up a scroll. The bird collides with it.
It turns into ink which transfigures into text
Danzou reads it
Torune: "Well?"
Danzou: "Just a regular report. Let's go."
The contents of the scroll is a mystery.

In the Iron Country
Samurai are everywhere
Suigetsu: "Wouldn't it be better to kill [them] before we ambush [the Hokage]? I'm tired already..."
Karin: "Are you retarded?! It's normal to consider what would happen if the Hokage's arrival is late! Reinforcing samurai would get the wind of it immediately - What would we do if the other Kages came for us?! Seeing how we have no idea about the enemy's abilities, the correct way to do it would be to ambush [him] when we get the chance on [his] way back from the summit! Isn't that right, Sasuke?!"
Sasuke: "Just concentrate on where the enemy's chakra is, Karin."
Suigetsu: "Haha, you got put down."
Karin: "Shut it!"
Zetsu: "Sasuke... You seem to be in trouble as well."
Sasuke: "Regardless of that, you'll point out Danzou before the summit. Do not lie to me."
Karin: "I can feel chakra. One's chakra is always disturbed when one tells lies... Oh, and I'm not forgetting to do what you told me, my dear."
Karin points a finger out
Zetsu: "I won't lie. Danzou is a great obstruction to us, you know..."

2nd part

Raikage party
They're moving from tree to tree. The Raikage isn't wearing anything on his upper body, for some reason.
Retainer(Nja forgot his name): "Raikage-sama, it's team Samui."
Raikage: "Right! DOWN!"

Samui: "We have returned from Konohagakure."
Raikage: "So, how did it go?!"
Retainer: "Samui... Uh, you were tailed."
Samui: "?!"
Retainer: "Come out!! You dogs of Konoha!!"
Naruto, Kakashi, Yamato
They appear before the Raikage party
Retainer: "To tail Samui, you guys are pretty good."
Omoi: "Y-You..."
Karui: "You're the bastard I messed up - Naruto!!"
Darui: "Boss... That's Hatake Kakashi... And the guy on the right"
Raikage: "Hmph... I know."
Raikage: "Are you a messenger of the Hokage? Hatake Kakashi!"
Kakashi: "No... I came here today to ask something of you. It's an appeal by Uzumaki Naruto of Konohagakure. Please do listen to him for a bit."
Retainer: "Aren't you being a bit rude? To come here without making arrangments beforehand, while we're on our way to the summit."
Kakashi: "I know that it may be very well be rude."
Rai: "Well, fair enough... Then, you, brat... SPEAK!"

Naruto gulps
Naruto: "Sasuke... I want you to stop hunting Uchiha Sasuke..."
Omoi: "H-Hey... You're not really in a position to..."
Samui: "..."
Karui: "He's still saying that?!"
Darui: "You said it."
Retainer: "What are you..."

3nd part

Naruto: "I know I'm saying something unreasonable...!
But I gotta say it!
Sasuke is my friend...! [Unsure about the rest of Naruto's talk]I wouldn't be able to run away from it if one of my friends got killed!
And I don't want Sasuke, Konoha and the Cloud to try to kill each other!
I don't want [to take revenge on your comrades either/you to avenge your comrades].
Raikage, without moving a face muscle: "We're leaving."
Naruto prostrates himself
Naruto: "I'm begging you! I don't want you to try to kill each other any more!!!
"Sasuke is all about revenge!! If you get obsessed by it, you'll change completely!!
Revenge isn't right! You'll turn into someone you don't know!
[He says something about Sasuke which I don't get]
I don't want anyone, not Konoha, not the Cloud, not anyone to kill each other!!
...That's why...!! Sob... Sniff..."
He cries on the ground

Sai has a flashback
Sakura: "I have something to take care of, so I'll go on ahead. Take care of the mission report to Kakashi-sensei for me!"
Naruto: "Got it! I'll do it alright!"
Sai is watching Naruto, who is giving a thumbs-up, seeing Sakura off
Sai: "Naruto, you know..."
Naruto: "Hmmmmm?" Sai: "You like Sakura, right?"
Naruto: "Wha?!"
Sai: "Spot on, I suppose...
One is always smiling before the one they like. You fit that description.
Have you confessed or anything?"
Naruto: "..."
Sai: "?"
Naruto: [Unsure]"Can't... I would be a guy who couldn't keep his promise then..."
Naruto, beat up by Karui "Sai... Leave me"

Sai: (No... I can't run away either, Naruto)
Sai stands up

4th part

Raikage party
Rai: "We will deal with Sasuke. You people should give it up!"
Karui: "Keh, you retard!!"
Retainer: "We are in a hurry. Enough of this."
Naruto is still prostrating himself
Yamato: "We have yet to reach a resolution regarding your attempt on the Hyuuga's Byakugan. That matter could've lead to war with the Cloud, but Konoha avoided a bloody and bitter war.
I wouldn't want you to forget[something about a sacrifice.]"
Kakashi: "[Something about young ninja and clumsiness, and Konoha and the Cloud] I think this is something mutual to both villages and countries.
I bow my head, Raikage-sama... What do you think of this, as one of the five Kages?"
Naruto is still prostrating himself
Rai: "Shinobi shall not simply bow their head! Shinobi respect conduct and strength! [Something about fellow shinobi, talking, concession and taboo] The history of man is of war! After the Third Great Shinobi War...
Every country... village got their hands on powerful ninjutsu
Those with power are crushed! That's the absolute mentality of the shinobi world!
Akatsuki is wanted internationally, I am not the only one in the world who wants Sasuke
To bow your head for a criminal; to ask for mercy for a comrade
There is no friendship to speak of in the world of shinobi! Brat of Konoha... You ought to consider what you're doing more carefully!
The world of shinobi isn't so soft that an idiot achieve that!!"
Rai starts walking
Omoi: "..."
Karui: "Heh!"

Kakashi: "Naruto... That's enough... Lift your head."

Rai looks over his shoulder

Final Part

He's heading to tent where Sakura and Shizune is.
Tsunade is comatose. Her face is not shown
Sai: "Sakura... I have something to talk to you about."

An passage on the way to the Five Kage Summit
Sasuke is watching from a high place
Zetsu: "That's him. The old guy in the middle."

Sharingan is activated
Sasuke: "So he's... Danzou"

All five Kages have assembled.

Mifune:"[Something about the five kage's hats]... By Raikage-dono's request, the Five kages have now gathered here.
I am the one watching over this place, Mifune I am called. With this, the Five Kage Summit shall begin."

The end