Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Naruto 459 Confirmed Spoiler

from nja:
Ino cries, then there's a meeting of people of the same generation¹ for some reason. Sakura and Naruto aren't there.
Shikamaru goes to where Sakura is

He reports to Sakura that everyone got together to talk
The conclusion is that if Sasuke is caught up in hatred and revenge, as Konoha, they will... (kill him?)

For some reason, Sakura seems to go from being dazed to making a decision
I'm going to talk to Naruto

To the conference
The Mizukage's attendent with the eyepatch senses that the atmosphere has turned strange for some reason
Under the eyepatch is the Byakugan
In Danzou's right face and arm, he sees a chakra flow he once saw before...

It is exactly the same as Uchiha Shisui, whom he once fought
(Shisui's Sharingan had a doujutsu that allowed him to go into his opponent's mind and manipulate them, even without the opponent realising it)

He questions Danzou about it: I too once fought a Hyuuga and got a transplant, but...
What if I were the one who unravelled the Fourth Hokage's jutsu (Danzou was the one manipulating?)

As the circumstances worsen, Zetsu appears

After this, Uchiha Sasuke will attack. I wonder if you know where he is...!?

It ends with him saying something like this

It seems Sasuke is going full speed down the path of evil, already being searched by the Five Countries as a dangerous criminal...

more Naruto 459 confirmed spoilers....

Danzou: If that is all right with you, I will accept that responsibility
Raikage: Why the Hokage!? His name is synonymous with "shadowy ninja"! We cannot leave that to him!
Mifune: Then who!?
Raikage: There is no a single Akatsuki who comes from our village! This important role is not for those we cannot trust! For that, I would...
Mifune: I cannot accept that
Raikage: Why not!?
Somebody breathes in
Raikage: !
Mifune: I know that strength and feelings is necessary to gather strong people, but... You seem to be the kind whose emotions strongly influence your acts. The alliance would be scattered like this table.
Raikage: Gnnn...
Mifune: I only made a proposition, with the calm judgment from the viewpoint of a neutral country. Kazekage-dono is too young yet to exert this supreme power... His face would not be recognized by other countries. Bearing the title of Kazage is already hard.
Tsuchikage-dono is on the contrary too advanced in years, his image is of limited mobility. And he has used Akatsuki too much... The trust in him is lacking the most.
Mizukage-dono being in charge of the birthplace of Akatsuki, there is a risk that our information would leak through the village of hidden mist. She's worrying herself that there could be spies in hidden mist.
I do not know in what intentions Akatsuki is gathering Bijuus, but... We cannot let them have the Kyuubi...
Danzou: Kyuubi belongs to Konoha, so it might seem appropriate for the hokage to be in charge...
Raikage: In the first place, I cannot allow an alliance that would expose the skills of my village.
Aoi: Something is unclear... This situation... I will try to check. Choujuurou... Prepare for a fight.
Choujuurou: Huh?
Aoi: BYAKUGAN!! (Tadzam Tzam Tzam)

Change of scene to INO CRYING (Dammit, Kishi)
Ino: Huu... Huu...
Chouji: Ino...
Ino: Huu... Huu...
Kiba: Stop crying!
Tenten: Kiba, what's with that tone! Ino, she's...!
Kiba: What's the point! Times have changed!
Shino: Is it all right? Ino is like this... Then what of Sakura and Naruto...
??: Leave them to Shikamaru, he will find the way to say it... And as the leader of the platoon, with the failure of his first mission...

Shizune: For Naruto-kun, it is not only the promise to Sakura, he also wanted to rescue Sasuke from the bottom of his heart!
Sai: I also think that, of course, but... Sakura, me, all of us, we ask too much of Naruto
Sakura crying (I'm going to puke if this goes on)
Sai: When seeing Naruto, recently, I seem to be able to understand him... He is miserable... And thinking of Sasuke... My belly starts to burn (I don't want to know that!)
I understand this is anger.
For Naruto, for Konoha, we should not rely on Naruto, and do something about this earthquake. Sasuke...
Shikamaru: Like Sai is saying...
Shizune: Shikamaru-kun
Sakura: ...
Shikamaru: We are not children any more... We will stop Akatsuki, and then... We will stop Sasuke. I have come here to get the consent of the members of Team 7.
Shizune: The consent... You don't mean!?
Shikamaru: Yes... That. We cannot allow Konoha and hidden cloud to have a war, all because of Sasuke.
Let's talk a bit further away... Now listen. If hidden mist kills Sasuke, first, Ino and you...
Naruto is not likely to accept it. If there is trouble and you guys are killed by cloud, me, Chouji, Inoichi-san and your parents are not going to accept it. Hostilities are sure to pick up.
And then the other side won't accept it either... They'll get revenge. And if me or Chouji are killed, then our parents will act, which will send the message to cloud that it's war.
Sasuke is already considered an international criminal. If he still sides with Akatsuki, the hate will increase everywhere. So I think that Konoha must dispose of him.
The meaning of what I said... You understand... Sakura...
Sakura is CRYING CRYING CRYING (haters are gonna have a ball)
Shikamaru: Do I have your consent... Sakura...
Sakura: Shikamaru... Don't say... Anything any more...
Shikamaru: ...

Change of scene to Naruto.
Naruto: Sasuke... Where are you... What are you thinking? About me, about Sakura... (which one do you like?)
And Kakashi-sensei, do you think about him a bit?
You defeated your brother Itachi... You got your revenge... Do you feel better?... Or do you feel even more painful? Sasuke... Why don't you come home to Konoha...? Did you get overcome with hatred?? Have you become a simple criminal? Now... I don't understand you anymore...

Change to Sasuke's group
Karin: !Oh? Where did that guy go?
Sasuke: Pfeh...

Change to Madara and Zetsu, snow is falling
Madara: All right?
Zetsu: Yes...
Madra: Let us begin

Change to Sakura, wiping her tears
Shikamaru: I'm sorry, Sakura... No matter what your answer is, I will act for the future of Konoha.
I will also talk of this to Naruto... Where is he?
Sai: Naruto has gone for Iron country. To meet with the Raikage
Shikamaru: He went that far... He isn't easy to deal with...
Sakura: I will talk to Naruto
Shizune: !
Sai: !
Shikamaru: !
Sakura: Since that idiot likes somebody like me... Let me have that duty. It is me who has made Naruto suffer the most... I have done nothing but mistakes and wrong decisions. I don't want to make mistakes any more. I don't want to make wrong decisions any more.

Change to the meeting
Aoi: What does this mean? In the right shoulder and arm, and in the right eye, the color of this chakra is no doubt...
The color of Uchiha Shisui!!! A powerful adversary I met once... A color I could not forget!
Hokage-dono, the right eye under this bandage, please show it to us!
Tsuchikage: What is it?
Danzou: ...
Aoi: His right eye seems to have been robbed and transplanted from Uchiha Shisui
The eye technique of Shisui was to get in the brain of the other people
Eyepatch: A technique manipulating the person into fake thoughts, as if from his own will... The person manipulated does not even notice it... An eye technique of the highest class!
Raikage: Hokage... Don't tell me Mifune...!!
Mifune: !?
Aoi: My right eye is also a precious trophy from fighting Hyuugas... I cannot tell about people like you, but you cannot fool my eye, who solved the illusion the fourth Mizukage was caught in. And that...
Raikage: You!

Zetsu: Helloooooo!
All: !
Everybody prepares for a fight
Raikage: What now!?
Tsuchikage: Then...
Zetsu: Uchiha Sasuke is intruding... So, where do you think he is hiding?