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Naruto Manga 460 Confirmed Spoiler

Naruto Manga 460 Confirmed spoiler

from Shounensuki (narutofan.com)

Naruto Manga 460 Confirmed spoiler

The spine has Tsunade, the cover has Naruto and Sasuke (Confronting [naruto], Sasuke's eyes are dead)

The Raikage grabs White Zetsu's neck and asks: "Where is Sasuke?"
White Zetsu: I think it'll be all right if I gave you a hint
The instant he says this, Zetsu's neck is broken with a loud sound, making it go limp. White Zetsu is dead?

The Mizukage-sama says: "No killing"

The others are ordered to watch the Hokage, while [the Raikage] breaks through the wall to look for Sasuke

Madara visits the palce where Naruto is sleeping and asks: "Could we have a little chat?" He is instantly met with a Rasengan
Then Yamato and Kakashi appear and seize Madara
I only came to talk. I was interested in how you managed to convert Pain/Nagato
Naruto cross-examines him: "More importantly, what's up with Sasuke?"

Allright, I'll tell you about how Uchiha Sasuke fell into the darkness, the hatred and revenge that are the world of shinobi

Sasuke unhesitatingly kills the samurai who were patrolling after noticing something strange
Suigetsu sees this: "You told me not to kill, but aren't you doing that yourself right now?"
With her ability, Karin also senses an abnormal darkness and coldness from Sasuke
A person with a chakra that great...

It ends with the Raikage and his two subordinates encountering Sasuke

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