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Naruto Manga 460 Raw Scans

Naruto Manga 460 Raw Scans

Naruto Manga 460: The web encircling Sasuke!

What is the unwanted intruder, Zetsu, there for...!?
Zetsu: "Hey, let's all go search for Sasuke~! Ooooh!"
Raikage: "What the hell do you mean by 'ooooh'!?"
Temari: "That guy..."
Gaara: "...Sasuke?"
Kankurou: "Why would he..?!"
Mizukage: "That Sharingan no..."*
[*trans note: It seems like she was about to say "Sharingan no Kakashi" for some reason, though there's a chance it could also be of Uchiha]
Choujuurou: "?"
Ao: "The guy who beat Haku and Zabuza?"
Danzou: (Sasuke's here? It can't be...)
Kurotsuchi: "Who's he?"
Akatsuchi: Must be one of the members of "Akatsuki"..."

Raikage gets Zetsu in a headlock
"Where is Uchiha Sasuke!? Answer clearly!"
Zetsu: "!?" (He-He's crazy fast!)
Raikage: "If you don't answer, I'll show no mercy!"
Zetsu: "That's too bad...well I guess I could give a little hint-"
Raikage suddenly applies force on Zetsu's head ((Kill(ed)? Since we only see the panel where he applies force, it maybe that he's not dead.))
Raikage: "C! Begin!"
C: "Hah!"

Mizukage: "You shouldn't kill! If we capture and interrogate him, we should be able to gain information on "Akatsuki"."

Gaara: "There's no one who'll speak out against "Akatsuki". They're all hardcore."
Mifune: "Okisuke, Urakaku, find Sasuke with your very lives at once. And ready the #2 battle alert!"
Urakaku: "Hah!"
Okisuke and Urakaku are probably Mifune's entourage
Okisuke has thick eyebrows
Urakaku is bald

It could be they're opposites of each other
Raikage: "Eye of the Mist (about Ao), you watch over the Hokage!"
Ao: "!"
Raikage immediately crashes right through the wall
Raikage; "C! Darui! Let's go!"

Seems like they're searching for Sasuke

Darui: "Uh sorry for the desk and wall..."
C: "Hey Darui, don't worry about that. Let's go!"
Tsuchikage: "Geez what a brute. At this rate, even if that Cloud rough-neck became part of the 5-Kage..."
Okisuke radios the samurai

"#2 Battle Alert, find intruder Uchiha Sasuke. Dispatch 3-squads to the tower entrance and form a secure line."
Samurai: "Understood"
Karin: "!?" (This is...)
Sasuke: "What's wrong Karin?"
Karin: "The samurai have started moving around! And it looks like they're looking for us!"
Juugo: " was him."
The samurai are hurriedly walking around
Samurai A draws his sword(s) and goes close to the presence(?) across the pillar

Naruto's lying down
Tobi's (Madara) sitting on a window frame
Tobi: "How does a chat sound, eh Uzumaki Naruto?"
Naruto: "!?"
Naruto looks back: "You..bastard!"
Naruto immediately does Rasengan but Tobi avoids it
Tobi: "Going straight to Rasengan huh? You should know that's ineffective."

Tree(s) surround Tobi and capture him

Yamato: "Naruto, you be still now."
Tobi: "You live up to your reputation, Kakashi of the Sharingan. You're fast."
Kakashi: "You won't lay a hand on Naruto so easily, Uchiha Madara!"
Tobi: "So that means you should listen to what I just said. No attack will get through me, Uchiha Madara*"
*[trans note: the way he said his name is the same way he did when he introduced himself in the story: "kono Uchiha Madara"]

Kakashi: "So it is you, Uchiha Madara?! I knew it!"
Yamato: "I don't know whether your body disappears or if you change into a ghost, but you need to materialize your body to snatch up Naruto. If you don't do so, you can't get him. That's why we can get you. You're in my territory now."
Tobi: "Hehehe I didn't think of anything particularly special in coming here. I've got my own plans. Besides, now I just wanna talk."
Kakashi: "Talk?"

He's surrounded by that wood thing of Yamato's
Tobi: "Right. What was it that lead Pain's Nagato to betrayal? I have taken an interest in you, Naruto."

Naruto: "I don't give a damn about that! What the hell do you plan to do with Sasuke?! Tell me about him!"

Tobi: "Sasuke..."
Kakashi: "..."
Yamato: "..."
Tobi: "That's fine with me. I'll tell you then...tell of the young man who was infected by the hatred and malice that is part of this world of shinobi. I'll tell you of Uchiha Sasuke."

Naruto's facial expression changes

Samurai A gets close. The cloak is hanging on a pillar
Samurai A: "Already escaped..."

Sasuke gets close behind samurai A and strikes him down
Karin and co. are hidden
Karin: "No good, there's too many of them! I'll just find him quick and we'll catch him!"
Suigetsu: "Just remember that guy Zetsu or whatever he said his name was!"

Samurai are all over

Samurai B takes out his sword and gathers(?) chakra
Karin looks on at that, hidden: "So samurai can control chakra too, huh?"
Samurai C, D, E, F, G, H are gathering(?) chakra along their swords
Suigetsu: "So they use chakra that way...?"
Karin: "Ah, Sasuke! Why'd he go-?!"

Sasuke goes next to samurai C, D, E, F, G, H
Sasuke: "I'm irritated right now. If you come, I don't think I can hold myself back..."
Samurai: "Hey I could say the same thing to you!"
The samurai sends chakra(?) from his sword

Sasuke repels it
Samurai D: "He repelled it?!"
Samurai E: "...It's similar to our own sword techniques..."

Juugo: "Karin, forget about the samurai. Sense Danzou's location."
Karin: "But what ABOUT the samurai?!"
Juugo: "I'll take on the samurai. At any rate there's Danzou still to go."

Sasuke stabs/kills the samurai
Karin: "!?" (Huh?)
There's a panel with Sasuke standing in the palm of the hand of a giant shadow/beast(?) that's behind him
Sasuke stabs/kills the samurai
Suigetsu: "And that guy... tells ME not to kill!"
Juugo: "This is..."
Karin can't stop trembling

Karin: (Sasuke's different. Nothing at all what it was like before...even moreso than when he had the 2nd level cursed seal transformation. It's so potent...and so cold)

Raikage and co. while they're running-
Darui: "There's a lot of chakra snuffed out around here! Most likely it's Sasuke's!"
Raikage: "Which one?"
Darui: "!" (Raikage-sama, that's-!)

C: "Right below us!" (This is serious...)
Looks like the Raikage is preparing an action-plan for facing Sasuke
Samurai: "He has companions?"
Karin: "!" "Something big's coming!"

For some inexplicable reason, Raikage is naked above the waist
He breaks through the ground to Sasuke directly below him
Raikage: "Little punk, I'll teach you to fear my wrath!"
Sasuke puts power into his eyes?
Hatred calls for battle!
The encounter between Sasuke and Raikage leads to an outbreak of war!