Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Naruto Manga 461 Confirmed Spoiler

Naruto Manga 461 Confirmed Spoiler (from nja)

translated by Pocketmofo (narutofan.com)

*Forgot the title of the chapter…

背表紙は カツユ
The Jump spine this week is Katsuyu

Sasuke, angry that he is so close to getting revenge (and that people are now in his way), loses his cool and ignoring Juugo’s warnings attacks Raikage straight on. Darui uses suiton to create a wall of water and sends Sasuke flying back (while Raikage uses his raiton to run current through the water and Sasuke).

ギャル男 情報どうりあいつは雷の属性もちだな
Darui comments that according to their information Sasuke is a raiton user.
イケメソ 火遁も直で使うらしいから水遁での防御は怠るなよ
C replies that Sasuke can also use katon so Darui should not let up on the suiton defensive techniques
水月  あれれ…サスケの情報漏れまくってんじゃん
Suigetsu comments that information about Sasuke has been leaked out everywhere.

イケメソが動きを止めますと 電幻雷光柱(太陽拳みたいなもん)
C says that he will stop their (Sasuke and his team’s) movements and uses a genjutsu called “Dengenraikouchuu” (which apparently looks like Tenshinhan’s Taiyoken from Dragonball)

Juugo totally eats the genjutsu and Sasuke is about to get crushed by Raikage

They get hit with the genjutsu but Sasuke dispels it. Right as he dispels it Raikage is about to hit Sasuke when Suigetsu jumps in and takes the hit. When Suigetsu takes the hit, however, it snaps the Zabuza sword in two and smashes Suigetsu’s arm to little watery bits (he’s made of water though so he probably isn’t permanently damaged).

水月 こいつの一撃が半端じゃない俺じゃなかったら腕の骨がぐちゃぐちゃだよ…
サスケ 余計な事を><
Suigetsu comments that Raikage’s attacks are really strong and if it were anyone else taking the attack their arm would be torn up. Presumably Sasuke doesn’t like this extra little comment provided by Suigetsu.

The scene changes to the Meeting Hall

デイダラ兄をやったサスケをみてみたい~アンパンは土影のおもり~ガアラはまだ答えがでてなか ったような気 が><
All the kage are discussing what they should do now~Ao (the Byakugan guy) will watch over Danzou~The Tsuchikage is just going to stay behind and wait~The girl who was with the Tsuchikage comments that she wants to see Sasuke, the guy who defeated Deidara~The big guy with Tsuchikage who looks like Anpanman will stay behind and look after Tsuchikage~It doesn’t seem like Gaara has given his answer yet~

The scene changes back to Sasuke

イケメソ そういえばもう一人いたな~そいつを探すから後は頼むギャル男
C tells Darui that he’s going to go find the remaining Sasuke team member (Karin) so he’s leaving the rest up to Darui.

ジュウゴ あいつが感知タイプか先にやらないとな
Juugo realizes that C is a sensing type ninja so they have to take care of him first.

Juugo goes cursed seal 2, the killer freak out type, and says “I’m gonna kill you!!!”

雷影 図にのるな~!! っと突っ込んだ所で完
Raikage tells Sasuke and Juugo not to get cocky!!

End of chapter.

Naruto does not appear once in this chapter.

more from nja:

カリンはシーに見つかっちゃやばいと思って火影を探す探知をやめ チャクラを消します
Karin, thinking it would be very bad if she were spotted by C, stops using her abilities to track the Hokage and instead hides her own chakra.

戦闘は ほとんど一方的だからね~ ダルイに吹っ飛ばされその後シーの幻術 幻術
サスケが解いて  シー さすが写輪眼! ! ! ! !
The fight is mostly one-sided this week with Sasuke getting knocked back by Darui’s technique and then getting followed up by C’s genjutsu. Sasuke dispels the genjutsu to which C comments, “That’s the Sharingan for you!!!”

解いた瞬間に雷影のパンチを水月がとめ ダルイの刀はジュウゴが止める
Right as Sasuke dispels the genjutsu, Raikage punches (and is stopped by Suigetsu) and Darui swings his sword down (which is stopped by Juugo)

その後 会議室で ガアラが他の五影に あんたらはいつ己を捨てた?
After that, Gaara asks the other Kage in the meeting room about when they threw away their sense of self (rose above themselves or gained such self restraint)?

それを聞いた水影が 純粋な子 水影
土影は  生意気な小僧め
*Upon hearing this, Mizukage thinks, “what a pure child” while the Tsuchikage thinks, “what a rude brat”.