Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nobody Beats Willie Revillame

There was a hearsay that the lawyer of TV Host Willie revillame of the famous noontime show Wowowie had requested the ABS-CBN to rescind the latter's contract with the Management. According to sources, Revillame's contract will end in the year 2011.

After a series of suspensions, Willie might had realized that he was too old to be reprimanded. Thus, for the sake of "delikadesa" he must be the first one to make a move.

Willie Revillame was known for his generosity and kind-heartedness. He got millions of fans including the TFC (The Filipino Channel) subscribers abroad.

Wowowie had been running lousy for almost two weeks now. The ABS-CBN Management got several hosts to fill-in but nobody got that Revillame magic.

So, where to Wowowie!