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Updated Naruto Manga 461 Spoilers

Naruto Manga 461: Kumogakure vs. Taka

Unstoppable Sasuke!
He heads to Raikage from the front!
Sasuke starts running
Juugo: "Sasuke, don't go in by yourself!" (He's losing his composure)

Sasuke pulls out his sword in front of the Raikage

Darui- Suiton Suijinheki!

Sasuke: (This guy!)
C forms seals- Raiton Kangekiha!!

The water and lightning mix together to hit Sasuke, though he's fine

Darui: "Boss...Just as the intelligence says, it seems there's no mistake about this guy's lightning nature"
C: "And he carries fire. He should soon use Katon....Darui, keep your Suiton handy"
Darui: "Ok"

The Raikage stands with a clenched fist and lightning coursing around his body

Suigetsu looks from the shadows: "Sasuke's info wasn't leaked out, was it?"
Karin: "Hey...that guy in the way"
Juugo: "These guys are Kumogakure Jounin. The big one in the middle is the Raikage. Suffice to say, they won't be just letting us through"
From the shadows watching, a samurai talks in his radio: "Requesting aid. We've been wiped out by Sasuke"

C forms seals (I'll stop their movements!)
Juugo: "Something's coming!"
C: "Raigen Raikouchuu!"
The surroundings turn to light

Juugo: (A blinder!?) !
While they're blinded, Raikage goes to punch Sasuke
A hit! Sasuke is sent to the floor
Juugo: "Sasuke!"
Sasuke: "Don't fear, Juugo. This is genjutsu"
C: (The Sharingan's real good...)
Sasuke's lifting himself up on his knee~
Raikage: "You were slow in seeing through that genjutsu!"
Raikage punches and Darui swings his sword down to Sasuke...but Suigetsu stops it. His sword breaks...

Suigetsu, Sasuke, and Juugo elude them
Suigetsu: "If I wasn't water, that woulda ripped my arms off! Ahh shit! My Head Cleaver!"
Juugo: "It's because it was cut from that time with the 8-tails"

sfx*Pikun* reaction from Raikage
Darui: "..."
Karin, who's hiding: "H-He was saved...! Nice job, Suigetsu!"
Sasuke: "Save your breath, guys"
Suigetsu: "Even though I came out to save you, that counts for nothing then...what the hell kinda remark is that?! Then again that is just like you so..."
Samurai watching the battle from the shadows: (Such a crude battle the shinobi do...they're quite something!)
Darui: "C, check out the vicinity to see whether or not they have other companions. We'll be too tired to beat them if they come come out one by one"
C: "There should be one more out there...but it's difficult to focus on that and partake in this battle here"
Darui: "We don't need you here. Boss and I will take care of it"
Karin who's hiding: (This is not good! If I continue searching for Danzou, that C guy will find me out! Guess I'll have to turn my chakra off for the moment)
Suigetsu: "Aw and Karin was finding out where Danzou was for us too...guess that's impossible now. She'll turn off her chakra...probably. That is among her special abilities after all"
Juugo: "The guy in the back (C) is a sense-type...He'll need to be taken care of. I'll do it"
Juugo turns to curse seal 2

Okisuke: "Ao-dono, we would like to make sure you are still maintaining the Hokage's doujutsu"
Ao: "No...right now, the flow of his keiraku-ken [inner-coils] is calm. The jutsu is cancelled"
Danzou: "Be easy. It's not a doujutsu I can use often in a day"
Ao: "I'll be the one judging that. You're not a guy who's exactly trustworthy"
Danzou: "I can't really believe the Byakugan would be passed along to another...if any Hyuuga of Konoha would turn traitor, they'd soon be killed"

Gaara: "..."
Tsuchikage, Akatsuchi, and Kurotsuchi look at Danzou
Ao: "Me, knowing your secret, would be planning on disposing of you, but that can't be done"
Mizukage: "The time I fought Yondaime Mizukage, there was a jutsu that controlled him, an eye power... there's probably some connection there after all"

Danzou doesn't say anything

Mifune: "Hokage-dono, ninjutsu is forbidden here. You have broken our trust. And to think that without showing this kind of hand, you were the one I likely would have decided on..."
Danzou: "'Likely' is the problem. I intend to use whatever hand I have in order to protect the shinobi world. This world is meant to be one; Once, the Shodai Hokage, Hashirama, gathered the clans to create a village. This time we gather the villages for a meeting in making the shinobi world one whole, when the only thing it does is the opposite. Nothing changes when we waste time doing things morally. All of which will lead to "Akatsuki" crushing the shinobi world"
Tsuchikage: "Dreams take time to materialize. If you get impatient, you'll miss what's around you and cause a huge blunder...which is where you're at right now. And after all, it IS an impossible dream! Even if you have good intentions, the only outcome would be giving birth to distrust, ill will, and hatred. Danzou...right now I can't even trust what you say"
Danzou: "The end result is a necessity... whether there is trust or not"
Gaara has a flashback his young self and his father
Gaara: "If that's what the world is, if that's what people are, then there is no future left for us. Sharing with one another, believing in each other... ...If we stop doing those things, the only thing this world will have left is fear"
Gaara remembers Naruto
Gaara: "To me, doing things without considering the morality would be giving up. That's no longer acceptable"

Tsuchikage: "You say such difficult things so simply... you still know nothing about managing a village, kid. Now if there's anything you wanna hear from (me/us) just ask. As your senpai, anything will be answered...right Danzou...hehehe"
Kankurou: "What the hell, you geezer!"
Temari: "Quit it Kankurou! It doesn't look like it but he's the Tsuchikage, the village head!"
Gaara: "...If that's the case...then I'd like to ask one thing"
Tsuchikage: "Yes, yes! I'll answer anything for you...squirt"
Gaara: "When did you all throw away who you were... like trash?"
Tsuchikage: "!"

Mizukage: (He's an honest kid...)
Temari: "So Gaara, what are we gonna do?"
Kankurou: "Heh!"
Gaara: "...Uchiha...Sasuke, eh"
Kurotsuchi: "He got you good on that one, old man"
Tsuchikage: "Shut up!"

Akatsuchi: "Tsuchikage-sama...what should we do? Are we going to battle?"
Tsuchikage: "Idiot! And whaddya think will happen if I aggravate my back? Huh!?"
Kurotsuchi: "I wanna see the guy you said beat Deidara-nii*, [big brother] Sasuke!"
Tsuchikage: "...Do what you want! However, if you get caught up by the Raikage, you'll end up dead. Don't interfere"

Kurotsuchi: "Alright! What are you gonna do, Akatsuchi?!"
Akatsuchi: "l'll need to be by Tsuchikage's side if he needs anything"

Fuu whispers to Danzou: "Danzou-sama, please relieve one of us (to Sasuke's place) in order to retrieve the Sharingan"
Ao: "We'll have all of you from Konoha right where you are. The Raikage entrusted me with that"
Fuu and Torune take a fighting stance but they are stopped by Danzou
Juugo has released his seal
"GUHAHAHAHAHA I'm gonna kill you! AHHAAA!!"
Darui: The change in personality from what we just saw is amazing...this guy.."
C: "Focus! This guy has an insane amount of chakra!"
Suigetsu to Sasuke: "So Juugo finally broke out the murderous rage. You think he understands we're his allies?"

Raikage with a scary face: "Don't push your luck!!"
Raikage in a frenzy!
An outbreak of a serious war!

Finished! Saasei