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Paparazzi by Lady Gaga (Official Music Video and Lyrics)

We are the crowd, we're coming out
Got my flash on it's true, need that picture of you
It's so magical,
We'd be so fantastical

Leather and jeans, garage glamorous
Not sure what it means, but this photo of us
It don't have a price, ready for those flashing lights,
'Cause you know that baby I

I'm your biggest fan I'll follow you until you love me,
Baby there's no other superstar you know that I'll be your
Promise I'll be kind, but I won't stop until that boy is mine,
Baby you'll be famous chase you down until you love me,

I'll be your girl, backstage at your show
Velvet ropes and guitars, yeah 'cause you're my rockstar,
In between the sets, eyeliner and cigarettes

Shadow is burnt, yellow dance and we turn
My lashes are dry, purple teardrops I cry
It don't have a price, loving you is cherry pie
'Cause you know that baby I

I'm your biggest fan I'll follow you until you love me,
Baby there's no other superstar you know that I'll be your
Promise I'll be kind, but I won't stop until that boy is mine,
Baby you'll be famous chase you down until you love me,

Real good, we dance in the studio,
Snap, snap to that shit on the radio
Don't stop, for anyone
We're plastic but we still have fun

I'm your biggest fan I'll follow you until you love me,
Baby there's no other superstar you know that I'll be your
Promise I'll be kind, but I won't stop until that boy is mine
Baby you'll be famous chase you down until you love me

Naruto Manga 466 Updated Confirmed Spoiler

Naruto Manga 466: The Great Battle Behind Closed Doors

(from ShounenSuki)
The Mizukage leaves her seat: "At least, I will give you a kiss that will melt your heart"¹
Karin snaps
Choujuurou: "If I don't protect the Mizukage, it will mean inevitable death"
The Mizukage prepares for battle, her right cheek swelling up
The Tsuchikage and Akatsuchi are clinging to the ceiling, seemingly trying to avoid getting involved in the battle
Mizukage: "Lava Release: Melting Apparition Technique²!!" She spits out a liquid
Sasuke uses Susanoo to dodge, but Choujuurou unleashes an attack with Hiramekarei
Sasuke is driven unto the wall
Sasuke used up a considerable amount of chakra with his overuse of Susanoo
The Mizukage manages to raise a closed-off room. (Only the Mizukage and Sasuke are inside)
The Mizukage can use the Fire, Water, and Earth natures
That is why she has two kekkei genkai
The Mizukage forms hand-seals: "Boil Release: Skilled Mist Technique³!!"
Karin and the rest cannot see what is happening in the fight
The Susanoo is unravelling and Sasuke is coughing up blood
Karin can sense his chakra fading
The Mizukage says something like "Seeing a good-looking man break down and crumble breaks my heart~~"
From the Mizukage, Choujuurou, the Tsuchikage, and Akatsuchi comes a sound like 'zuzuzu'... White Zetsu
It seems like some sort of timed formula that Zetsu uses to suck up everyone's chakra
Sasuke is struck by an attack and is recovered by the chakra
He uses Susanoo to break down the closed room and [go back into] the conference room (to Karin's location)
Without seeing anything, the Tsuchikage uses "Earth Release: Aggravated Rock Technique!!"

The Tsuchikage undoes Zetsu's chakra absorbing technique
Tsuchikage: "This guy was the one who Deidara..." Sasuke's left eye hurts
Tsuchikage: "I don't feel bitter, but... Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique**!!"
The attack should have hit him completely, but...

Madara appears, carrying Sasuke on his shoulder.
Madara: "I should explain things for you a bit... Once you understand, I would like to ask you something"
Raikage: "What!?"
Madara: "It's about my goal, the Eye of the Moon Plan"

¹ There's a pun here. The Mizukage uses the word とろける (torokeru) which means 'to be enchanted with,' but sounds a lot like the word 溶ける (tokeru) which means 'to melt'. The kanji that can be used to write torokeru (盪, 蕩) also have the additional meaning 'to melt'. The word she uses for 'at least' (せめて, semete) is pronounced the same as 攻め手 (offence, method of attack).
² Youton: Youkai no Jutsu (溶遁・溶怪の術). This name seems to combine the words 溶解 (dissolution) and 妖怪 (apparition, demon), both pronounced as 'youkai'.
³ Futton: Koumu no Jutsu (沸遁・巧霧の術)
* Doton: Kajuugan no Jutsu (土遁・加重岩の術)
** Jinton: Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu (塵遁・原界剥離の術)

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Beautiful Paintings

Last weekend, I really miss my friend so I visit her house. I was amazed of the wonderful paintings decorated there. She proudly said that those were created by Glen Tarnowski.

I'm quiet curious about Glen Tarnowski so I made small research about him. I found out that he is considered as a museum/blue chip artists and not a commercial artists. His works include original paintings and limited edition sculptures. Tarnowski was renowned as the father of Modern Alegorism. "Modern Alegorism", unlike surrealism, is always positive, uplifting, inspirational and enlightening, while providing an artistic exercise for the mind. Tarnowski work of art have a visual simulation of the senses. He was recently awarded an Angel Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, for Best Motion Picture Graphics for the film, 'The Pale Rider' in 1996. Hollywood celebrities like Mel Gibson collects Tarnowski's painting.

I also wanted to own a painting created by the famous artist, Glen Tarnowski, so my friend advised me to visit Paragon Fine Art. It is a full service art gallery in Los Angeles. I think I'm lucky because at that moment, they are offering dealer prices to the public.

I'm so glad to own a beautiful painting created by Glen Tarnowski. I really love the color combinations and the materials used. It seems like that the painting is alive.

Naruto Manga 466 Confirmed Spoiler

Naruto Manga 466: Sasuke vs. Mizukage

(from shounensuki)

Sasuke uses Susanoo to defend against the Mizukage's Lava Release: Dissolution Technique¹, but takes a hit from Hiramekarei.
He flies back and is locked in a room with the Mizukage

It looks like the Mizukage has two kekkei genkai: something called Boil Release
She uses this to create a strongly acidic mist from her mouth to try and melt Sasuke...
Out of chakra, his arm begins to melt, but at that moment Zetsu uses his Spore Technique³ to grow out of the Mizukage's body and suck up her chakra. Sasuke is revived with fusing chakra and the locked room is destroyed by Susanoo.
They escape - Zetsu binds the Tsuchikage and his attendant, but the Tsuchikage says: "Shall we get involved too then"
They escape from Zetsu. A technique is fired at Sasuke that would disassemble him at the molecular level, but Sasuke has disappeared.

Then the Raikage and Gaara enter the conference room

Then Madara appears, carrying Sasuke on his shoulder

I came here to tell you a story about the "Eye of the Moon plan"

¹ Youton: Youkai no Jutsu
² Futton or Futsuton
³ Houshi no Jutsu

"It seems the acid did melt away the skin of Sasuke's right arm... Seeing that, Sasuke goes "acid mist...?" and summons Susanoo to guard him against the acid, but all the cells in his body start to hurt..."

I think Sasuke was hit by the attack and did get hurt, but Madara saved him from the full effect

Karin says Sasuke's chakra is vanishing.

-The acid only got his right arm's skin. He blocked it with Susano'o.

-Every cell in his body is screaming in pain. If an incomplete Susano'o takes such a toll, what kind of suffering had Itachi been through?

-Sasuke almost dies, he stays alive because of his pride

Sasuke is being taken apart when Karin says "Sasuke's chakra disappeared... it seems"
However, after she says that, she senses Madara appearing, carrying Sasuke on his shoulder.

It seems the acid did melt away the skin of Sasuke's right arm... Seeing that, Sasuke goes "acid mist...?" and summons Susanoo to guard him against the acid, but all the cells in his body hurt... The Susanoo is still incomplete... Itachi's was better... As the chakra collapses? Zetsu appears in the danger zone

..more spoilers to be posted soon.

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Naruto Manga 465: Attack on the Summit

Naruto Manga 465: Attack on the Summit

next time: Naruto Manga 466 Confirmed spoilers to be posted here soon...

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Naruto Shippuden 127-128

Naruto Shippuden 127: Tales of a Gutsy Ninja (Jiraiya Ninja Scroll) Part 1

Naruto Shippuden 128: Tales of a Gutsy Ninja (Jiraiya Ninja Scroll) Part 2

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Naruto Manga 465 Confirmed Spoiler

Naruto Manga 465:Assault on the Meeting Hall!

from shounensuki (

Gaara is surprised about Susanoo
The ceiling collapses
Through the collapsed ceiling, Sasuke accompanies Karin to Danzou's location
The cold Sasuke seems to influence/attract Karin
Ao successfully detects Sasuke
Sasuke breaks into the conference room
During the opportunity created by Mifune VS Sasuke, Danzou escapes
Sasuke chases Danzou, but is halted by the Mizukage
Next week: Sasuke VS Mizukage

It seems so, next week to Sasuke VS the Five Kage - Complete Collision...!!
It seems like the Mizukage uses a kekkei genkai like Lava Release¹.
¹The element used by the Four-Tails

Both Suigetsu and Juugo survive. Suna is also safe
Karin guides [Sasuke] to Danzou
With the ceiling down, Sasuke finds Danzou and faces him
Mizukage: "The Uchiha clan, hm... haa... He's a good-looking man... better-looking than he deserves"
She's like a female panther.

Susanoo is clad in flames?
Sasuke is inside Susanoo, smiling
When he goes after Danzou once the ceiling is down, he isn't wearing Susanoo
Gaara: (At a time like this) Naruto... what would you do?
Juugo fuses with the samurai (Maybe to turn back to his original self)
Choujuurou: "She left... I'd say that's the Mizukage-sama's Lava Release technique, no doubt"

It should be youton not toton.
but it is the same name as the Four-Tails' Lava Release
There's one thing about the Mizukage's youton that might make a difference, but which could just a easily be a mistake by either the spoiler giver or Kishimoto-sensei
There are two ways to write the first kanji in Youton: 溶 and 熔. The first kanji uses the water radical, the second the fire radical. The one with the water radical is most common and is the one used in the spoiler, but Kishimoto used the one with the fire radical for the Four-Tails' youton.
It could be done on purpose, meaning that the Mizukage's youton is water-related, rather than fire-related and thus different from the Four-Tails' youton, but I think it's most likely a simple mistake.
The kanji on their own simply mean 'to melt' or 'to dissolve,' so they don't inherently imply lava.

(from pocketmofo)

Gaara: “Susanoo…?”
Temari: “So that’s Mangekyou Sharingan thing, huh…”
Kankurou: “The Uchiha…they always manage to have something hidden up their sleeve…”
C, from behind the pillar: “Darui! Sand forces! Pull back!!”
*Sasuke becomes cloaked in a very evil looking darkness
*Susanoo is now surrounding Sasuke
*Sasuke gives off a devilish smile from within Susanoo
*Then uses Susanoo’s sword to smash the pillars…
Temari (thinking): “Is he aiming for the pillars…!?”
Samurai: “The pillars!!”
Samurai: “The ceiling won’t hold at this rate!!”
*Raikage and Gaara look up at the ceiling
*The massive collapse born by hatred!
*What will be the end of (his) obsession…!!

Naruto Manga 465: Assault on the Meeting Hall!

The ceiling begins to crumble
Samurai: “UAAAAAAH!”
Suigetsu, still stuck to the wall by a sword: “Wh…What the hell is this!!”
Gaara protects himself and the others against falling rocks with his sand
Sasuke puts away his sword
Karin was protected from the falling ceiling by Susanoo’s hand…she is then basically picked up by Susanoo
Karin: “Ugh…”
It seems as though Susanoo protected Sasuke and Karin
Sasuke: “Were you able to pin-point Danzou’s location!?”
Karin, as she fixes her glasses: “Yeah…”
Sasuke: “Then guide me to him”
Karin: “What about Juugo and Suigetsu…? Their chakra is still…”
Sasuke: “Forget about them…for now we focus on Danzou!”
Sasuke: “Hurry up and guide me!”
Karin, visibly shaken: “I…I got it.”
Karin (thinking): “What’s happened to you…Sasuke!?”
Raikage punches the pieces of the falling ceiling
Temari, Kankurou and Darui are protected by Gaara’s sand
Darui: “Thank you…Kazekage-san…”
Kankurou: “Man, that Sasuke…he must’ve used that as his chance to run away.”
Raikage: “We’re going after Sasuke right away!!”
C: “…It would seem as though he went up…”
Gaara, remembering Naruto’s face (thinking): “Naruto…if you were here what would you have done…?”
Suigetsu (thinking): Well thanks to that the knife* came out of me…but at this rate…what the hell happened to Sasuke, Karin and Juugo…?” *Suigetsu refers to Darui’s sword as a “nata” which is usually a knife with a thick blade used to cut lumber
Juugo starts to split himself thinking: “I can still make it…”
He then fuses with one of the fallen Samurai sort of like Cell from Dragonball.
Juugo (thinking): “All right…!”

*Meanwhile at the Meeting Hall
*A crack appears in the wall
Ao: “He’s here!”
Danzou: “…”
*They hear footsteps…
Fu: “From above!”
Everyone looks up
Sasuke is hanging upside down from the ceiling and his eyes meet with Danzou’s.
Mifune jumps up and tries to cut Sasuke
But Sasuke blocks it with his sword
Mifune: “He’s good”
Ao: “!”
Karin: “Sasuke! Danzou ran away!”
Ao, jumps over the table to chase after Danzou, saying: “Mizukage-sama and Choujirou stay here! I will chase after Danzou! This meeting hasn’t reached a conclusion yet!”
Mizukage: “Understood…but don’t overdo it!”
Ao: “Yes! I leave the Akatsuki to you.”
Tsuchikage: “Oh this hurts my back. Do whatever you like.”
Aka, the anpanman-looking guy: “Sounds good.”
Sasuke, coming down from the ceiling: “Karin, come here!”
Karin: “Eeeeeeeek!”
Sasuke: “!!”
A sludge-like liquid (?) flies at Sasuke, but Sasuke dodges
The wall begins to melt
Sasuke gives the evil eye at Mizukage
Mizukage, holding her hand to her lip: “Akatsuki, the ones who turned the Fourth Mizukage into one of their tools and stepped all over Kirigakure…but after a closer look the Uchiha clan really has some nice (looking) men...”
Choujirou (thinking): “There it is…the Mizukage’s kekkei genkai – Youton* no jutsu…!!”
Sasuke: “Don’t get in my way.”
Mizukage: “Oh…and he’s a nice looking guy too…it’s such a waste.”

Next time ...Sasuke vs. The Five Kages headed for a head-on collision…!!

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Watch Inglourious Basterds

Inglourious Basterds is a 2009 film of Weinstein Company and Universal Pictures written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. This film This film was selected at the 62nd Cannes Film Festival in competition for the prestigious Palme d'Or. Christoph Waltz won as the Best Actor of the said festival.This is the only U.S. film that win in Cannes. This movie top the box office charts for several weeks.

Here is the synopsis of the film:

In the first year of the German occupation of France, Shosanna Dreyfus (Melanie Laurent) witnesses the execution of her family at the hand of Nazi Colonel Hans Landa (Christoph Waltz). Shosanna narrowly escapes and flees to Paris where she forges a new identity as the owner and operator of a cinema. Elsewhere in Europe, Lieutenant Aldo Raine (Brad Pitt)organizes a group of Jewish American soldiers to perform swift, shocking acts of retribution. Later known to their enemy as "the basterds," Raine's squad joins German actress and undercover agent Bridget von Hammersmark (Diane Kruger)on a mission to take down the leaders of the Third Reich. Fates converge under a cinema marquis, where Shosanna is poised to carry out a revenge plan of her own.Employing pulp and propaganda in equal measures, Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds weaves together the infamous,oppressed, real and larger-than-life stories.

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Naruto Manga 464: The Power of Darkness

Naruto Manga 464: The Power of Darkness

no naruto shippuden anime this week

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Update Naruto Manga 464 Confirmed Spoilers with Raw Pictures

Along with his hatred... Sasuke sets like the sun...!?

464: The power of darkness...!!

Sasuke collapses
He holds his left eye

Raikage: "Guillotine Drop!!" (義雷沈怒雷斧, "Righteous Lightning Sinking Anger Lightning Ax"; a kick)

From around the collapsed Sasuke's surroundings, fire-covored bones appear
Sasuke: "Flame Release: Kagutsuchi" (炎遁・加具土命, Enton: Kagutsuchi; Kagutsuchi is a God of Fire in Shinto and the one who brought death into the world by burning his mother Izanami to death as she gave birth to him)
It seems the Raikage's kick is stopped~~
C: (That guy's still...)
Karin: (Sasuke~!!) She's sensing chakra?
The Raikage's kick is~~~ stopped by sand
Sasuke: "!!"
Raikage: (Sand!!)
Sasuke: "This is...!!"
Samurai: "!"
C: "!"

Gaara is standing there
Sasuke stands up: "Sabaku no Gaara..."
Temari uses her fan: "Sickle Weasel Technique!!" (鎌イタチの術, Kamaitachi no Jutsu)
Kankurou picks up the [burning] samurai like a puppet and removes the black flames (underneath the samurai armour is an ordinary person.)
Kankurou: "These are inextinguishable flames, is this the Amaterasu...?"
Gaara: "Samurai, step back. This problem belongs to the shinobi world. You samurai need not become victims."
Samurai, holding the burned samurai: "Ex... excuse us Kazekage-dono..."

Despite still being stuck [to a wall] by a sword, Suigetsu is watching
"...What's happening?"

Raikage: "Why this intrusion Kazekage!? I may forgive you, depending on your answer!!"
Gaara: "If you used that technique like this, your body would become injured by the black flames. Besides, I would like to talk to Uchiha Sasuke"
Raikage: "Hmpf!"
Using his right hand, the Raikage cuts off his left hand. His left hand keeps burning.

Darui: "Bo-boss!!"
Raikage: "C, hurry up and stop the bleeding! As soon as you're done, I'm going after Sasuke again!!"
C: "Yes sir"
C treats the Raikage's arm (He was able to touch the Raikage-sama while clad in the Raiton Armour... He took two big moves, yet he still lives... His left eye has Amaterasu... and it seems there's no doubt his right eye has the power to transform the shape of the Amaterasu's black flames... Perhaps Bee really has caught by Sasuke... The Shinobi World... could it be there is more in store for it...?)

Gaara: "Your eyes are the same as before..."
Sasuke, still with his left closed, remembers a conversation with the old Gaara
Old Gaara: (I expected you to say that... You have the same eyes as mine... Eyes filled with intent to kill and power-seeking hatred... The same as I... Eyes that are aching to kill the people that drove you into the hell called loneliness)

Sasuke: "..."
Gaara: "...Even if revenge is what you live for, I feel it won't resolve anything. There is still time for you... In the world of a person obsessed with hatred... there is no refuge... There won't be a place to come home to"
Sasuke: "If I did return home... what would be there [for me]?"
Kankurou: "Gaara... stop this... Didn't even Naruto fail at persuading him? That guy's now nothing more than an Akatsuki, a criminal... He's different from you"
Temari: "Besides, people who were hurt by the Akatsuki... people like the Raikage won't be silent. From the point he attacked the meeting of the Five Kage, he became internationally wanted... There is no future for this guy"
Gaara: "...Sasuke, you are similar to me... A person who walks in the darkness of the world... That's why even just a tiny glimmer of hope should get though to you... In the past... as well as now..."
Sasuke: "I closed my eyes long ago... For my goals, I have to be in darkness"
Kankurou: "Don't let your personal feelings blind you... You're the Kazekage"
Temari: "Gaara"
Sand comes out of Gaara's gourd
One tear flows from Gaara's eye "Yes... I understand!"
Kankurou, Temari, and Gaara prepare for battle
Bones surround Sasuke's body

A picture of the place of the meeting

Karin: (I found it! Danzou's there too! I have to tell Sasuke immediately! But... near him is nothing but powerful chakra)

Fuu: "!" (As I thought, there's a sensing type)
Fuu whispers in Danzou's ear: "It seems there's a sensing type among the enemy. It's possible they could come here sooner or later. What should we do?"
Danzou: "It's all right as it is... If those guys come here, we'll take advantage of the chaos and go somewhere else"

Ao: "Stop that sneaky conversation! Too bad, but I'm a sensing type too. I also know this place has been found by the enemy. However, by no means will you guys make a move. We'll deal with the enemy"
Tsuchikage: (It looks like this conversation turned rather interesting)

From the shadow of a pillar, Kurotsuchi is watching Sasuke's fight (A-awesome...)
Gaara fights while protecting Kankurou and Temari with sand
Sasuke: "So you can guard against the Enton all this way. Your absolute defence is in good shape"

Raikage: "Done yet C?"
C: "Just a little more!"

Darui: "Let's combine our forces Sand-group" "I'll take the first shot! You go on and keep showering him [with attacks] please!"

Sand is floating in the air

Darui: "Storm Release: Laser Circus!!"
Temari: "Scythe Weasel!!"
Kankurou: "Red Secret Technique: Machinery Triangle!!"
Gaara: "Successive Shots: Sand Drizzle!!"

Karin: (Th-this is!!) "!?"
Darui, Kankurou, Temari, Gaara: "!?"

Surrounding Sasuke is Susanoo

Sasuke: "Gaara... This is an absolute defence beyond yours"

Raikage: "Is that what he used to guard against my attack...?"
C: (This chakra... It's the same as that genjutsu before...!)

Suigetsu: "What's this... This is getting dangerous..."

Juugo is buried under a wall: "Uhh..." (Is that... what he said he wanted to try out!?)

Karin: (...This chakra... He's no longer the Sasuke from before... He's beyond cold...!!)

The samurai are waiting and watching from the shadow of a pillar: "What... is that?"

Gaara: "The power... of darkness...?"

Sasuke: "The power obtained only by those who activated the Mangekyou in both eyes... The third power... This is 'Susanoo' "

Sasuke's darkness is far too powerful!!

The end!! Bye

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My Way by Alien Beat Club

Alien Beat Club
My Way

if there's nothing left to give in at the edge
we've been at this point time and time over again

I see there's no making you understand
no, I don't wanna pretend
cause we know its the end
this won't be easy.

But I'm gonna be okay
you can bet I'm gonna find my way

no I don't wanna make a try to change
we both know that so why, should we stay
I'm gonna fix it today

there aint no you
there aint no us
there aint no maybe someday

there aint no love
there aint no trust
this time im gettin' it my way

there aint no right
there aint no wrong
there aint no words left to say
there aint no turn
the thing is were done
this time im gettin' it my way

eh eh my way
eh eh this time im gettin' it my way my way
eh eh my may
eh eh this time im gettin' it my way

its only right to do what's best for me ,
and the last thing I want us to be is enemies ..yeah

That dot our i's and cross our final t's,
no matter how it hurts you ,
if we can't make it work, let's part ways in peace

But I'm gonna be okay
you can bet I'm gonna find my way

no I don't wanna make a try to change
we both know that so why, should we stay
i'm gonna fix it today

there aint no you
there aint no us
there aint no maybe someday

there aint no love
there aint no trust
this time I'm gettin' it my way

there aint no right
there aint no wrong
there aint no words left to say

there aint no turn
the thing is were done
this time im gettin' it my way

were on the same page so,
I gotta do it my way
I took all I can take as much as I waited
really can't hate it

I'm so ready to start over
and brush the past off my shoulder
and to take my last years
get back what I missed
after doin' things I'm gonna do it my way

there aint no you
there aint no us
there aint no maybe someday

there aint no love
there aint no trust
this time im gettin' it my way

there aint no right
there aint no wrong
there aint no words left to say

there aint no turn
the thing is were done
this time im gettin' it my way

ehehe my way ...ehehe..this time im gettin' it my way
ehehe my way ...ehehe..this time im gettin' it my way
eh eh eh eh eh eh

Naruto Manga 464 Confirmed Spoiler

Naruto Manga 464 Spoiler :Gaara Saves Sasuke

Nja- As I thought, it's starts from the Guillotine Drop
Sasuke moves the Amaterasu in front of him to oppose the attack
That's when sand rushes in to defend, and blow off the Raikage's attack

Raikage: "Kazekage, you'd better have a good reason for me to forgive this!"
Gaara: "Well, you'd be in some deep shit if you got yourself hurt anymore than you are now"
Raikage cuts off his own arm; C cures him

Sasuke and Gaara have a conversation

"Now you have the same eyes as I once did in the past"~It's still not too late, come back with us"~
"Even if I returned back, what would I have~?" "I've grown aware of it, but you should be able to see that small light as well"
"My eyes have already been closed to the light; what's left is only darkness"

Temari: "Stop it already~That guy is to be internationally wanted, and once that happens, there won't be any place for him left to go to~ Don't let your personal feelings interfere! You are the Kazekage!"
Tears fall from Gaara's left eye "I understand!" He releases all his sand from his gourd

Taking advantage of the chaos, Karin locates the Hokage's location

Scene change to meeting room

Since the meeting room was exposed, Danzou whispers: "Let's get out of here if it turns into mayhem"; To sum up what Ao says is something like: "You'll be quiet"
Scene returns to Deidara's sister [trans note: nja's comment]: "Awesome!"

Gaara guards against all of the Amaterasu with his sand.
Sasuke: "Your absolute defense lives up to itself. Who would've thought you could defend against my Katon* [trans note: nja used the wrong "fire" kanji here*] to this extent..."

Darui: "We'll assist. Since I've been firing off jutsu since the beginning, now all of us and the three Sand shinobi can as well!"

The moment their attacks hit, Sasuke's Susano'o finally appears (a pitch black Susano'o)
Karin: "Sasuke from before is now completely gone. So cold" >.<

Sasuke: "Gaara, this is my absolute defense! When I activated the Mangekyou in both of my eyes, I was able to attain the third cheat ability, Susano'o!"

Sasuke's Susano'o still isn't complete as Itachi's was

Another bone figure. There's a skull and the bones are black in color
Around it is a pale grey type of aura that adorns [Susano'o]
(To be honest, the color of the aura is pretty hard to explain but it's dark in color)

By the way, around the beginning Kankurou floats the Samurai who ate the Amaterasu
and has Temari strip him using Kamaitachi

He gets messed up but he lives lol
Since he was talking calmly when he opens his eyes, Sasuke seems in pretty good shape
But Juugo: "Was..this what I wanted to test...?" from the cursed seal he turns human
Seems like it was a dangerous state

Raikage: "C, I'm still waiting!"
C: "Almost there"
Raikage: "I'll need my arm restored to attack Sasuke!"

He says it pretty gung-ho so he's in good health lol
I wouldn't say it's due to him stopping the bleeding since after he cuts off his arm, it's burnt to ash...

I thought Sasuke came off pretty cool
Too bad Kurotsuchi had a one-word panel lol
Wonder why Temari was out more than C or Darui

It seemed that when Sasuke opened his eyes, blood didn't come out
I think it's at the level after crying blood

(from sho (

The Raikage's attack is stopped by sand.
The three Sand siblings and a woman appear.
Gaara tries to persuade Sasuke by saying Sasuke is repeating him, but it ends in failure.
They then fight; using sand, Sasuke's vision is blocked and Amaterasu is avoided (At the same time, an eye of sand floats about).

In the conference room, Danzou is planning to escape, so when the Byakugan holder grows tired,
*due to not being the real thing, he uses the opportunity to put [everyone] in a Genjutsu.
Zetsu is still tied to a tree
The small person notices the genjutsu
Danzou and co leave the conference room
When the Sand Sibling combination repel the last attack of Amaterasu, Susanoo appear. It ends with this.

(more spoilers coming soon)

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