Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Beautiful Paintings

Last weekend, I really miss my friend so I visit her house. I was amazed of the wonderful paintings decorated there. She proudly said that those were created by Glen Tarnowski.

I'm quiet curious about Glen Tarnowski so I made small research about him. I found out that he is considered as a museum/blue chip artists and not a commercial artists. His works include original paintings and limited edition sculptures. Tarnowski was renowned as the father of Modern Alegorism. "Modern Alegorism", unlike surrealism, is always positive, uplifting, inspirational and enlightening, while providing an artistic exercise for the mind. Tarnowski work of art have a visual simulation of the senses. He was recently awarded an Angel Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, for Best Motion Picture Graphics for the film, 'The Pale Rider' in 1996. Hollywood celebrities like Mel Gibson collects Tarnowski's painting.

I also wanted to own a painting created by the famous artist, Glen Tarnowski, so my friend advised me to visit Paragon Fine Art. It is a full service art gallery in Los Angeles. I think I'm lucky because at that moment, they are offering dealer prices to the public.

I'm so glad to own a beautiful painting created by Glen Tarnowski. I really love the color combinations and the materials used. It seems like that the painting is alive.