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Naruto Manga 462 Confirmed Spoilers

Naruto Manga 462 Confirmed Spoilers

General (summary)

C gets caught up in Sasuke's genjutsu
Raikage: Don't get caught up in the Sharingan!
Juugo's way strong
Naruto's and Tobi's talk
Hatred is Sasuke's ninja path!
The conclusion to Raikage vs. Sasuke hasn't come yet
Hatred is Sasuke's ninja path!
Naruto says that

Here's another naruto manga 462 spoiler:

Raikage VS Sasuke
*Raikage charges in
Suigetsu: “He’s fast!”
*Raikage, covered in his raiton chakra, punches Juugo.
*Juugo stops the punch.

Naruto Manga Chapter 462: Sasuke’s Ninja Way…!!
*C seems to be trying to track Karin (probably the same way she does others)?
*Suigetsu tries to cut C down.
*But is stopped by Darui’s sword swing

Suigetsu: “Hey you have a nice one there (talking about Darui’s sword). But just because mine broke that doesn’t mean I’ll give it away.”
*Raikage’s punch leaves a big dent in Juugo
Raikage: “That’s one rodent down”
*Sasuke tries to use his Sharingan ~~~
Raikage: Don’t think I can be caught by the Sharingan.

C (thinking): “Raikage-sama’s synaptic response and his reflex speed rival (*on par with*) that of the Yellow Flash. These guys are keeping up pretty well, but as long as he has the raiton chakra surrounding him to help jump start his reflexes not even the Sharingan will be able to keep up. On top of that he still…”

*Juugo, while continuing to take punches, seems to split himself? “Haaa haaa haa. Die!!
Darui: !?
C (thinking): “From zero distance”
*Juugo hits Raikage
Darui: “Dammit”
C (thinking): Did he do it!? What!? You mean he took one of Raikage-sama’s attacks and lived!?
C: !?
*Sasuke appears in front of C
*And a shadow that looks kinda like the Kyuubi envelops C

C (thinking): “I…Is this…genjutsu…These guys sure know how to use their friends attacks as feints! What I can do right now is….dammit! My body won’t move…”
*C collapses
*Sasuke holds his left eye
*Darui, as he fights with Suigetsu: “C! What are you lying around for! Get up!”
Juugo: Haa haa ha I killed him! I killed him good! So who’s next!!?
*Karin, while still looking on from the shadows thinking: “Hey, Juugo actually managed to be useful! Now I won’t be found out. It’s time to search for Danzou while I still can…”

Karin (thinking): “!!Wha!!?
*Juugo gets hit by Raikage’s clothesline!!

*The scene changes to Naruto
*Naruto, banging against the wood bars: “That’s a lie…!! You’re full of it.

Yamato: “That couldn’t be…”
Tobi: “If you’re talking about Sasuke then you can’t help but mention Itachi.”
Kakashi: “Cut the jokes…I can’t very well believe your story (*about the murder of the Uchiha*)”
Tobi: “Nope…it’s no lie. That’s the truth about Itachi (*The murder of the Uchiha was done under the orders of the higher ups in Konoha*). He died for Sasuke’s sake as well as for Konoha’s sake.”
Kakashi: “How could that be? Even if that were the truth, if Sasuke knew about it then do you really think he would help Akatsuki!? He would have carried on Itachi’s will and returned to Konoha.”
Tobi: “Hmph…You guys, being Sasuke’s teachers and friends, thought you understood Sasuke’s true feelings…but you were seriously mistaken…He’s a real-deal avenger!
Naruto: Did you make him that way!?
Tobi: “No…not me…”
Naruto: “…!”
Tobi: “Sasuke made the decision himself.”
Yamato, Kakashi: “…!”
Naruto: “That’s a lie!!!”
Tobi: “I had to bet on it myself…Whether he would choose to carry on Itachi’s will…or whether he would choose revenge on Konoha…he chose revenge…his true feelings were that of our side. Sasuke’s goal now…is revenge on the Konoha that persecuted Uchiha clan and Itachi.”
Naruto: Why…Why would he…why did it end up like this…!! Why would he turn to revenge…!?”
Tobi: “…It can’t be helped…That’s the blood soaked fate of the Uchiha’s hatred. It’s like a curse from long ago that continues to this day.”
Naruto: “…Fate of their hatred…curse…!?”
Tobi: “Yes…yes the curse of hatred that began long ago with the one called RikudouSennin, ancestor of the ninja.
Kakashi: “RikudouSennin…that’s just a myth. The Rinnegan is just a freak mutation…”
Tobi: “Even myths have some truth mixed in them…Back then the RikudouSennin theorized about the ninja way and sought out peace…but his time came while his dream was only half done…So he decided to leave the strength and the will of his ninja teachings to two children.”
Tobi: “The older brother at birth was left with the Sennin’s “eyes”—chakra power and spiritual energy…and came to realize that strength is what is necessary to achieve peace.”
Tobi: “The younger btorher at birth left with the Sennin’s “body”— willpower and physical energy… and came to realize that love is what is necessary to achieve peace.”
Tobi: “When the Sennin was on his deathbed it came time to choose his successor…However, that decision would give birth to curse of hatred that continues to this day.”
Naruto: “What do you mean?”
Tobi: “The Sennin, believing that the younger brother who sought love would be more suitable as his successor than the older brother who sought strength, chose the younger brother. As the oldest and believing that he would naturally be the one to succeed the Sennin, the older brother could not accept the decision and…in his hatred brought war against his younger brother.”

Tobi: “Time passed and as the bloodlines thinned the two brothers’ descendants continued their fighting. The older brother’s descendants came to be known as the Uchiha and the younger brother’s descendants the Senju.
Tobi: “The fight between me, Uchiha Madara, and the First Hokage Senju Tobirama was also fate.”
Tobi: “Even though this is only the second time I’ve met you (*talking to Naruto*), I can tell that you have the Senju’s will of fire in you.”
Tobi: “Even now I can see the First Hokage in you. Even in death he lives on. My aspiration…my rival and the man I hated most.”
Tobi: “The Senju and the Uchiha…The will of fire and hatred…Naruto and Sasuke…”

*Juugo is basically pressed into the wall
*Sasuke tries to cut Raikage from behind

Tobi: “You two are likely the next two to have been chosen by fate.”

*Sasuke tries to cut but can’t cut Raikage

Tobi: “The Uchiha are a clan fated to seek revenge.”

*Sasuke instantly distances himself from Raikage and begins making handseals

Tobi: “Sasuke has taken all of the Uchiha’s anger on himself…and intends to crash that curse of hatred right into the world.”

*Sasuke prepares his Chidori

Tobi: “Hatred—his strongest weapon…his friend…and his strength.”

*Sasuke charges at Raikage with his Chidori

Tobi: “That (*Hatred*) is Sasuke’s ninja way.”

*Possessed by hatred…Sasuke goes into his one-on-one fight!!


Summary of the talk between Naruto & Madara:

Madara tells them the truth about Itachi. They say that he is lying. Madara denies lying however, saying that if they're to talk about Sasuke, telling the truth about Itachi was unavoidable. He says that Sasuke is a true avenger. Naruto accuses Madara of being the one who made him that. Madara denies this, saying that it was Sasuke's own choice. He doesn't deny though, that it was a gamble of his own whether Sasuke would follow Itachi's will or not. He says what Sasuke's target is what Itachi desired, what the Uchiha clan desired - revenge on Konoha. Naruto asks why Sasuke would be so bent on revenge. Madara says that it can't be helped, as hatred is the Uchiha clan's destiny. They're cursed from since long before to walk a path of hatred. Naruto asks what he means by "cursed".

Madara says that it goes back since the time of the Six Path Hermit - that was when it all started. Kakashi says that the Sixth Path Hermit is just a fairy tale. Madara says that it's true though. He says that the Hermit sought to guide the world to peace and for that purpose gave his powers to his two children. The elder brother got the power of the "eye", and the power of chakra and the energy of the mind as well as the belief that power was needed to pacify the world. The younger brother got the power of the "body", the strenght of mind and the energy of the body as well as the belief that love was needed to archieve peace. After that, the Hermit died and the true successor wasn't determited. But from that moment and on the curse of hatred had been created.

Naruto asks what he means by that. Madara says that the youngest son saw himself as the most fitting as the successor, while the older brother saw himself as the natural successor and from that moment and on they were enver quite able to reach an agreement and their battle of hatred started. The older brother's lineage became known as "Uchiha", whereas the younger brother's lineage bacame known as "Senju". He says that the conflict between him and Senju was fate. He also tells naruto that even though this is only the second time he has meet him, he can see that Senju's Will of Fire resides within him. In Naruto, he sees the First Hokage. He says that event though he's dead, he's still alive in a sense. He says that he admired Senju, was his rival, but also hated him the most. Senju and Uchiha, The Will of Fire and Hatred, Naruto and Sasuke.