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Naruto Manga 465 Confirmed Spoiler

Naruto Manga 465:Assault on the Meeting Hall!

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Gaara is surprised about Susanoo
The ceiling collapses
Through the collapsed ceiling, Sasuke accompanies Karin to Danzou's location
The cold Sasuke seems to influence/attract Karin
Ao successfully detects Sasuke
Sasuke breaks into the conference room
During the opportunity created by Mifune VS Sasuke, Danzou escapes
Sasuke chases Danzou, but is halted by the Mizukage
Next week: Sasuke VS Mizukage

It seems so, next week to Sasuke VS the Five Kage - Complete Collision...!!
It seems like the Mizukage uses a kekkei genkai like Lava Release¹.
¹The element used by the Four-Tails

Both Suigetsu and Juugo survive. Suna is also safe
Karin guides [Sasuke] to Danzou
With the ceiling down, Sasuke finds Danzou and faces him
Mizukage: "The Uchiha clan, hm... haa... He's a good-looking man... better-looking than he deserves"
She's like a female panther.

Susanoo is clad in flames?
Sasuke is inside Susanoo, smiling
When he goes after Danzou once the ceiling is down, he isn't wearing Susanoo
Gaara: (At a time like this) Naruto... what would you do?
Juugo fuses with the samurai (Maybe to turn back to his original self)
Choujuurou: "She left... I'd say that's the Mizukage-sama's Lava Release technique, no doubt"

It should be youton not toton.
but it is the same name as the Four-Tails' Lava Release
There's one thing about the Mizukage's youton that might make a difference, but which could just a easily be a mistake by either the spoiler giver or Kishimoto-sensei
There are two ways to write the first kanji in Youton: 溶 and 熔. The first kanji uses the water radical, the second the fire radical. The one with the water radical is most common and is the one used in the spoiler, but Kishimoto used the one with the fire radical for the Four-Tails' youton.
It could be done on purpose, meaning that the Mizukage's youton is water-related, rather than fire-related and thus different from the Four-Tails' youton, but I think it's most likely a simple mistake.
The kanji on their own simply mean 'to melt' or 'to dissolve,' so they don't inherently imply lava.

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Gaara: “Susanoo…?”
Temari: “So that’s Mangekyou Sharingan thing, huh…”
Kankurou: “The Uchiha…they always manage to have something hidden up their sleeve…”
C, from behind the pillar: “Darui! Sand forces! Pull back!!”
*Sasuke becomes cloaked in a very evil looking darkness
*Susanoo is now surrounding Sasuke
*Sasuke gives off a devilish smile from within Susanoo
*Then uses Susanoo’s sword to smash the pillars…
Temari (thinking): “Is he aiming for the pillars…!?”
Samurai: “The pillars!!”
Samurai: “The ceiling won’t hold at this rate!!”
*Raikage and Gaara look up at the ceiling
*The massive collapse born by hatred!
*What will be the end of (his) obsession…!!

Naruto Manga 465: Assault on the Meeting Hall!

The ceiling begins to crumble
Samurai: “UAAAAAAH!”
Suigetsu, still stuck to the wall by a sword: “Wh…What the hell is this!!”
Gaara protects himself and the others against falling rocks with his sand
Sasuke puts away his sword
Karin was protected from the falling ceiling by Susanoo’s hand…she is then basically picked up by Susanoo
Karin: “Ugh…”
It seems as though Susanoo protected Sasuke and Karin
Sasuke: “Were you able to pin-point Danzou’s location!?”
Karin, as she fixes her glasses: “Yeah…”
Sasuke: “Then guide me to him”
Karin: “What about Juugo and Suigetsu…? Their chakra is still…”
Sasuke: “Forget about them…for now we focus on Danzou!”
Sasuke: “Hurry up and guide me!”
Karin, visibly shaken: “I…I got it.”
Karin (thinking): “What’s happened to you…Sasuke!?”
Raikage punches the pieces of the falling ceiling
Temari, Kankurou and Darui are protected by Gaara’s sand
Darui: “Thank you…Kazekage-san…”
Kankurou: “Man, that Sasuke…he must’ve used that as his chance to run away.”
Raikage: “We’re going after Sasuke right away!!”
C: “…It would seem as though he went up…”
Gaara, remembering Naruto’s face (thinking): “Naruto…if you were here what would you have done…?”
Suigetsu (thinking): Well thanks to that the knife* came out of me…but at this rate…what the hell happened to Sasuke, Karin and Juugo…?” *Suigetsu refers to Darui’s sword as a “nata” which is usually a knife with a thick blade used to cut lumber
Juugo starts to split himself thinking: “I can still make it…”
He then fuses with one of the fallen Samurai sort of like Cell from Dragonball.
Juugo (thinking): “All right…!”

*Meanwhile at the Meeting Hall
*A crack appears in the wall
Ao: “He’s here!”
Danzou: “…”
*They hear footsteps…
Fu: “From above!”
Everyone looks up
Sasuke is hanging upside down from the ceiling and his eyes meet with Danzou’s.
Mifune jumps up and tries to cut Sasuke
But Sasuke blocks it with his sword
Mifune: “He’s good”
Ao: “!”
Karin: “Sasuke! Danzou ran away!”
Ao, jumps over the table to chase after Danzou, saying: “Mizukage-sama and Choujirou stay here! I will chase after Danzou! This meeting hasn’t reached a conclusion yet!”
Mizukage: “Understood…but don’t overdo it!”
Ao: “Yes! I leave the Akatsuki to you.”
Tsuchikage: “Oh this hurts my back. Do whatever you like.”
Aka, the anpanman-looking guy: “Sounds good.”
Sasuke, coming down from the ceiling: “Karin, come here!”
Karin: “Eeeeeeeek!”
Sasuke: “!!”
A sludge-like liquid (?) flies at Sasuke, but Sasuke dodges
The wall begins to melt
Sasuke gives the evil eye at Mizukage
Mizukage, holding her hand to her lip: “Akatsuki, the ones who turned the Fourth Mizukage into one of their tools and stepped all over Kirigakure…but after a closer look the Uchiha clan really has some nice (looking) men...”
Choujirou (thinking): “There it is…the Mizukage’s kekkei genkai – Youton* no jutsu…!!”
Sasuke: “Don’t get in my way.”
Mizukage: “Oh…and he’s a nice looking guy too…it’s such a waste.”

Next time ...Sasuke vs. The Five Kages headed for a head-on collision…!!