Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Update Naruto Manga 464 Confirmed Spoilers with Raw Pictures

Along with his hatred... Sasuke sets like the sun...!?

464: The power of darkness...!!

Sasuke collapses
He holds his left eye

Raikage: "Guillotine Drop!!" (義雷沈怒雷斧, "Righteous Lightning Sinking Anger Lightning Ax"; a kick)

From around the collapsed Sasuke's surroundings, fire-covored bones appear
Sasuke: "Flame Release: Kagutsuchi" (炎遁・加具土命, Enton: Kagutsuchi; Kagutsuchi is a God of Fire in Shinto and the one who brought death into the world by burning his mother Izanami to death as she gave birth to him)
It seems the Raikage's kick is stopped~~
C: (That guy's still...)
Karin: (Sasuke~!!) She's sensing chakra?
The Raikage's kick is~~~ stopped by sand
Sasuke: "!!"
Raikage: (Sand!!)
Sasuke: "This is...!!"
Samurai: "!"
C: "!"

Gaara is standing there
Sasuke stands up: "Sabaku no Gaara..."
Temari uses her fan: "Sickle Weasel Technique!!" (鎌イタチの術, Kamaitachi no Jutsu)
Kankurou picks up the [burning] samurai like a puppet and removes the black flames (underneath the samurai armour is an ordinary person.)
Kankurou: "These are inextinguishable flames, is this the Amaterasu...?"
Gaara: "Samurai, step back. This problem belongs to the shinobi world. You samurai need not become victims."
Samurai, holding the burned samurai: "Ex... excuse us Kazekage-dono..."

Despite still being stuck [to a wall] by a sword, Suigetsu is watching
"...What's happening?"

Raikage: "Why this intrusion Kazekage!? I may forgive you, depending on your answer!!"
Gaara: "If you used that technique like this, your body would become injured by the black flames. Besides, I would like to talk to Uchiha Sasuke"
Raikage: "Hmpf!"
Using his right hand, the Raikage cuts off his left hand. His left hand keeps burning.

Darui: "Bo-boss!!"
Raikage: "C, hurry up and stop the bleeding! As soon as you're done, I'm going after Sasuke again!!"
C: "Yes sir"
C treats the Raikage's arm (He was able to touch the Raikage-sama while clad in the Raiton Armour... He took two big moves, yet he still lives... His left eye has Amaterasu... and it seems there's no doubt his right eye has the power to transform the shape of the Amaterasu's black flames... Perhaps Bee really has caught by Sasuke... The Shinobi World... could it be there is more in store for it...?)

Gaara: "Your eyes are the same as before..."
Sasuke, still with his left closed, remembers a conversation with the old Gaara
Old Gaara: (I expected you to say that... You have the same eyes as mine... Eyes filled with intent to kill and power-seeking hatred... The same as I... Eyes that are aching to kill the people that drove you into the hell called loneliness)

Sasuke: "..."
Gaara: "...Even if revenge is what you live for, I feel it won't resolve anything. There is still time for you... In the world of a person obsessed with hatred... there is no refuge... There won't be a place to come home to"
Sasuke: "If I did return home... what would be there [for me]?"
Kankurou: "Gaara... stop this... Didn't even Naruto fail at persuading him? That guy's now nothing more than an Akatsuki, a criminal... He's different from you"
Temari: "Besides, people who were hurt by the Akatsuki... people like the Raikage won't be silent. From the point he attacked the meeting of the Five Kage, he became internationally wanted... There is no future for this guy"
Gaara: "...Sasuke, you are similar to me... A person who walks in the darkness of the world... That's why even just a tiny glimmer of hope should get though to you... In the past... as well as now..."
Sasuke: "I closed my eyes long ago... For my goals, I have to be in darkness"
Kankurou: "Don't let your personal feelings blind you... You're the Kazekage"
Temari: "Gaara"
Sand comes out of Gaara's gourd
One tear flows from Gaara's eye "Yes... I understand!"
Kankurou, Temari, and Gaara prepare for battle
Bones surround Sasuke's body

A picture of the place of the meeting

Karin: (I found it! Danzou's there too! I have to tell Sasuke immediately! But... near him is nothing but powerful chakra)

Fuu: "!" (As I thought, there's a sensing type)
Fuu whispers in Danzou's ear: "It seems there's a sensing type among the enemy. It's possible they could come here sooner or later. What should we do?"
Danzou: "It's all right as it is... If those guys come here, we'll take advantage of the chaos and go somewhere else"

Ao: "Stop that sneaky conversation! Too bad, but I'm a sensing type too. I also know this place has been found by the enemy. However, by no means will you guys make a move. We'll deal with the enemy"
Tsuchikage: (It looks like this conversation turned rather interesting)

From the shadow of a pillar, Kurotsuchi is watching Sasuke's fight (A-awesome...)
Gaara fights while protecting Kankurou and Temari with sand
Sasuke: "So you can guard against the Enton all this way. Your absolute defence is in good shape"

Raikage: "Done yet C?"
C: "Just a little more!"

Darui: "Let's combine our forces Sand-group" "I'll take the first shot! You go on and keep showering him [with attacks] please!"

Sand is floating in the air

Darui: "Storm Release: Laser Circus!!"
Temari: "Scythe Weasel!!"
Kankurou: "Red Secret Technique: Machinery Triangle!!"
Gaara: "Successive Shots: Sand Drizzle!!"

Karin: (Th-this is!!) "!?"
Darui, Kankurou, Temari, Gaara: "!?"

Surrounding Sasuke is Susanoo

Sasuke: "Gaara... This is an absolute defence beyond yours"

Raikage: "Is that what he used to guard against my attack...?"
C: (This chakra... It's the same as that genjutsu before...!)

Suigetsu: "What's this... This is getting dangerous..."

Juugo is buried under a wall: "Uhh..." (Is that... what he said he wanted to try out!?)

Karin: (...This chakra... He's no longer the Sasuke from before... He's beyond cold...!!)

The samurai are waiting and watching from the shadow of a pillar: "What... is that?"

Gaara: "The power... of darkness...?"

Sasuke: "The power obtained only by those who activated the Mangekyou in both eyes... The third power... This is 'Susanoo' "

Sasuke's darkness is far too powerful!!

The end!! Bye