Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Updated Naruto Manga 463 Spoilers

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Sasuke: “Chidori”
Raikage: “Elbow”
*They clash against each other with their techniques
The head-on duel of lightning and lightning!!

*Hatred drives forward! Sasuke’s fate is…

463 – Sasuke vs. Raikage!!

*Sasuke’s chidori stabs Raikage in the left side of his chest
Sasuke: “Damn!”
Raikage: “An attack whose strength and penetrating/stabbing power have been increased through Raiton…the same jutsu as Hatake Kakashi! To be able to touch me through the Raiton armor covering me…it’s quite the technique!”
*Suigetsu, while fighting of course, look on at the Sasuke and Raikage fight
Suigetsu: Dammit! It was no good!?”
Darui: “Yeah, no good…and with that Sasuke’s a dead man.”
Suigetsu: “!?”
Karin (thinking): “! No way. This much chakra!!”
Sasuke: “!!”

*Raikage lifts Sasuke up and…
Raikage: “Raiga Bomb!!!” *Basically a Power Bomb
*The ground shatters beneath them
Karin: “!!?”
Suigetsu: “!!?”
C: “Ugh”
Darui: “It’s over.”

Samurai (from behind the pillar thinking): “So that’s the Raikage’s Nintaijutsu…Sasuke is not likely alive anymore after that…I guess we didn’t need reinforcements afterall…)

Sasuke: “Ug…”
*Raikage lets go of Sasuke
*Darui runs over to where C is
Darui: “C, are you okay!”
C, still on the ground: “ the fighting over?”
*Sasuke’s body is surrounded by bones
*Sasuke’s eyes turn into the Mangekyou Sharingan
Raikage (thinking): “That’s the Mangekyou Sharingan, huh…”
*Raikage goes Super Saiyajin: “Hmph!”
*Darui, lending C his shoulder
Darui: “There’s never been anybody who has eaten that technique and lived. Not to mention the damn bones…what the hell is this guy?”

C: “I lost in a genjutsu fight…my body still won’t move the way I want it to…those sorts of geniuses pop their heads up once in a while…”
Samurai (thinking): “Uchiha Sasuke…he’s persistent/tough…!”
*Reinforcement Samurai come pouring in the room.
Sasuke: “…”
Darui: “! Hey, C. That Uchiha’s eyes…aren’t they a little different from before?”
C: “!”

*Blood begins to come out of Sasuke’s eye…
C: “The Mangekyou Sharingan!?”
C (thinking): “I see. That’s why Raikage-sama is amping himself up this much…he’s going to use Shunshin no Jutsu to fight against it.”
Suigetsu: “Am I…just too weak against Raiton? My body is so numb I can’t even turn to liquid well.”
*For some reason Suigetsu has a sword sticking out of him
Karin (thinking): “Raikage’s chakra is getting really huge. It’s like he’s turning into a bijuu!!

*Scene change to Naruto
Tobi: “Naruto…one day you will have to fight Sasuke. Rather…I’m going to crash Sasuke right into you. That fated battle stretched across generations…with it I’ll have Sasuke prove what the Uchiha really are.”
Naruto: “Sasuke isn’t your damn toy!! Stop just saying whatever you like!!
Tobi: “So what, you’re going to make Sasuke have a change of heart the same way you did Nagato? Sounds like you enjoy saying whatever you like too, Naruto. You have to know how to use the darkness in people’s hearts if you want to really control people. Nagato just happened to be easily influenced by people.”

Naruto: “…Don’t lump Nagato in with you! Even if his way was different, at heart all he wanted was peace! But you, you’re different!!”
Tobi: “Hmph…true…”
Kakashi: “Ridiculous. If proving your point is your goal then why are you collecting the bijuu? What is your goal? What do you want?”
Tobi: “…Well…if I had to give an answer…I guess it would be to become whole…”
Kakashi: “Become whole…!?”
Yamato: “What does that mean!?”
Naruto: “…”
Tobi: “Telling you all wouldn’t mean much so…I’ll let you know somewhere that’ll be a bit more effective…Our conversation was…pretty interesting though…See you.”
*Tobi disappears

*Bloody tears come out of his right eye…
Sasuke: “Amaterasu!!”
*The left side of Raikage’s chest starts to catch fire~~~? But Raikage uses Shunshin no Jutsu to dodge it.
*The black flame then hits one of the Samurai who was standing behind Raikage~~~The Samurai beings to burn.
Samurai: “AAAAaaaagh!!”
Samurai B: “I’ll put out the flames.”
Samurai C: “Those are no ordinary flames. Don’t get too close!”
Samurai B: “!?”
C (thinking): “The technique Amaterasu where flames appear wherever the person looks!! This is…!”
*As Sasuke looks at the burning Samurai Raikage appears behind him
Raikage: “Raigyaku Suihei!!” *That’s a backhand chop.
*Sasuke’s body is surrounded by the black flame
Karin (thinking): “Nice!! A shield of black flame! Raikage’s Shunshin speed is too high a level so if you can’t catch him with your eyes then just make a shield that he can’t touch!! This way he can’t just attack Sasuke indiscriminately!”
C (thinking): “He controlled the black flame!? He even spatially recomposed it!! Does that mean he’s more skilled with the black flame than Itachi?”
*Raikage, not giving a damn about the Sasuke’s black flame shield
Raikage: “Don’t underestimate the Raikage!!!”
*And hits Sasuke with a backhand chop with his left hand
*His left arm catches fire~~~~
Karin (thinking): “Wha!?”
C: “Raikage-sama!...It can’t be?”
Darui: “To give up…your left arm…”
*Sasuke falls to the ground. Raikage then leaps into the air~~~
Raikage: “This is the end!!”
Raikage, his furious determination!! What options does Sasuke have left!?