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Naruto Manga 467 Confirmed Spoiler

Naruto Manga 467 Confirmed Spoiler

from Shounensuki

The coloured cover is two pages wide and has Zabuza, Haku, and all the dead Akatsuki members!

Sakura is getting ready to set out to the Land of Iron. Three people are going, it seems: Sakura, Kiba, and Lee.

Well, to the conference room:
The Raikage uses a momentary oppertunity to attack Sasuke on Madara's shoulder, but [Madara uses] a space-time ninjutsu to send Sasuke somewhere else.
[He] orders Karin to give [Sasuke] medical treatment and sends her away too

From here, the conversation starts:
Gaara: "Why did you make Sasuke come here!?"
Madara: "I sent him here because it's very valuable [to me] that he activate his eyes all the way up to Susanoo. I also planned for him to bring you Five Kage down and imprison you, but it seems that was hopeless yet."
Here ends the conversation about Sasuke
"My goal is to rule the world. I've wished this for a long time."
Tsuchikage: "In your case, you should be able to do that by yourself, right?"
Madara: "My body was too gravely injured in the fight against the First, Hashirama. I don't have such power left."
Someone: "Why are you collecting the Tailed Beasts?"
To the story about the Eye of the Moon Plan:
The origin of the current Tailed Beasts is that they are born from a single Ten-Tails. Temari or Kankurou: "Shouldn't there be only nine Tailed Beasts?"
Madara: "Long ago, the Sage of the Six Paths saved the world from the Ten-Tails, but because the beast's power was so great, the Sage put the demonic power inside his own body, making himself a jinchuuriki. Then, he created the Moon and sealed the Ten-Tails' body there. (the story was much longer, but I can't remember the rest ><) Then, as his own death approached, he divided the power into nine pieces..."
I'm sorry, but I'm telling it extremely simplified
Madara: "[My goal is to] revive the Ten-Tails and become its jinchuuriki, project an infinite Tsukuyomi on the Moon, and so rule all of mankind, thus I will create a world without strife."
Mizukage: "This world has no place for such a dream or hope"
Madara: "Right now, it's neither hope nor anything. Hurry up and hand over the Eight-Tails and Nine-Tails."

Raikage: "The Eight-Tails!? Bee is still alive?"
Madara: "The capture of the Eight-Tails was a failure. Despite being your younger brother, he is a truly splendid shinobi."
Raikage: "What the hell! I'll bet he took this opportunity to go play somewhere else!! When he comes back, I'll Iron Claw¹ him!!!"
C, Darui: "Something like that was probably what he was thinking about..."

Gaara: "I won't hand over Uzumaki Naruto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Tsuchikage: "Raikage, what about you?" "Of course I won't hand him over!!!!!"
Madara: "Are you okay with a breakdown? If it comes down to war, I don't think you guys will have a great chance of success against the Tailed Beasts"

Gaara: "I won't throw away my dream!!"

Madara: "All right then, I hereby declare the Fourth Great Ninja World War!!"

The end 

¹ Iron Claw (鉄のツメ, Aian Kurō). Probably a technique or something.
That's the smaller spoiler

He seems to have died of old age
The way the circumstances of his death are being worded
Madara says "in the end, the Sage lay on his deathbed"
This means he certainly didn't die in battle
But if he had died of sickness, he most likely would have said that the Sage had become ill