Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Naruto Manga 468 Confirmed Spoiler

Naruto Manga 468 Confirmed Spoiler

///from pocketmofo (narutofan.com)///

Madara leaves, saying “See you on the battlefield”
The six nations form an alliance (with the Iron Country included)
Gaara recommends Kakashi to command the alliance
Tsuchikage and Raikage agree
Tsuchikage asks whether or not they’ll let the two remaining jinchuuriki fight on the frontlines

Raikage’s opinion is that he doesn’t know what kind of shit Bee might pull out on the battlefield.
To which Gaara says that the same goes for Uzumaki Naruto.
So they then talk about protecting the two and keeping them from joining in (see restrain them from joining).

The conversation then turns to Danzou and how the story of him losing the trust of the other kage and running away will eventually make its way back to the Leaf village and that he’ll eventually lose power to which Raikage agrees (*The sentence doesn't say, "let's send a letter which will warn the Leaf village what a jackass Danzou is." It's more like, once word of Danzou's jackassery makes its way to the Leaf, Danzou will lose power. Thought the Raikage is a bit strange. We’ll see when the full script comes out.)

Choujirou then tells them about Kisame
Kisame-san can fuse with his sword, Samehada, and turn into a monster
His strength is like a bijuu only without a tail, which is why his superiors feared him.
Killer Bee is doing his enka training with Sabu-chan (reference to Kitajima Saburo, a famous enka singer)

Sakura reaches Naruto and says that she has something to talk to him about.
Kisame arrives where Bee is at.

Next issue is Bee versus Kisame

*And that’s all for this week. So that was my take on this week’s Naruto which I read in three minutes (*Spoiler writer’s words, not mine*).
*I also wondered whether Kakashi would be any good for the job but…
*Tsuchikage: “The White Fang’s kid, huh…Hmph…all right then.
*Is kinda how he reacts. Just how well known are Kakashi and his dad, anyway?

///from Shounensuki (narutofan.com)///

Madara leaves the battlefield
The six countries form an alliance (The Iron Country also participates)
As supreme commander of the alliance, Gaara recommends Hatake Kakashi
The Tsuchikage and Raikage agree
The Tsuchikage wonders "Should we make the jinchūriki fight at the front-most lines?"
Raikage: "I don't know what Bee would do"
Gaara: "The same goes for Uzumaki Naruto"
They discuss that the two should be restricted and guarded.
The Kage discuss how they lost their faith in Danzō after he deserted them
The Raikage signs a document making Danzō loose his standing wherever he is known
Chōjūrō talks about Kisame

"Kisame-san has the ability to merge/unite? with his sword Samehada and turn into a monster. His power is like the Tailed Beasts, excluding the Nine-Tails. That's why all my senpai feared him."
Bee is studying enka under Sabu-chan

Sakura arrives at Naruto's location and goes to have a talk with him...

Kisame arrives at Bee's location

Next time: Bee VS Kisame

*It ends with this. No less than three parts show us Naruto's thoughts
And the second spoiler:
I also somehow thought of Kakashi, but the Tsuchikage feels something like "The White Fang's son... I wonder if he has enough experience".

*His power is like that of a Tailed Beast, but he's not as powerful as the Nine-Tails
*Ehm, it seems things aren't completely decided just yet
Gaara says something like "After this, we'll start negotiations"
Perhaps he'll refuse, there is that possibility. After that, there might be Shikamaru
*I guess it's in response to someone saying Shikamaru would be a better supreme commander than Kakashi or something