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Naruto Manga 470 Confirmed Spoiler :Killerbee Vs. Kisame

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Naruto Manga 470: Killer Bee Vs Kisame!!

Kakashi, Yamato, Lee, and Kiba in silence, as the snow is falling
Sakura: I...are you saying I'm lying to myself?
Naruto with an ambiguous face: ...
Sakura: You have to decide what your true feelings are!! If you hate me then be straightforward about it!! Don't make selfish excuses.
Interrupting Sakura while talking, Naruto: That's why it's strange! To say something like that until now!
Sakura: ...Something...like that!?
Sakura talking on and on: That something--a girl's confession--do you think this is something to take lightly!?
And until now!?
I came all the way here for that!
You and Sasuke, Sasuke, it's always you chasing after Sasuke and getting yourself into danger.
As the Jinchuuriki of the 9-tails, you're a target of Akatsuki! Why don't you worry a bit for yourself! You know, I...I'm saying it would be better if you stop getting into trouble and quit chasing after Sasuke.
I came here to tell you I'd like for you to return to the village now. That's it.
Naruto: I don't hear anything but painful excuses.
Sakura: That's what I don't understand! I don't have feelings anymore for the criminal that Sasuke's become.
Naruto: It's not a matter of this promise.
Naruto, whose eye line is dropping: It's about Sasuke wanting to violently take revenge...it's something I understand, even if just a little...
Kakashi: ...
Naruto: Sasuke loved his family and his clan...if anyone wounded that love, I don't think I could forgive them.

Kiba: If that's the case, why then after defeating Itachi, is Sasuke supporting Akatsuki?
Naruto: It's not like that...he really---
Kakashi: Naruto!
Naruto: !
Sakura: ?
Kiba, Lee: !!

Naruto remembers a conversation with Yamato & Kakashi
(Don't mind what Madara said. For the time being, we'll keep what he said to us. We want to avoid unnecessary conflict. Moreover, until we can find proof to what he said, we can't trust him. To believe that Itachi was used by the uppers in Konoha to kill the Uchiha clan...)

Naruto: Even if that promise to Sakura is gone, it doesn't matter.
Sakura: !
Naruto: I've been thinking that I, myself want to save Sasuke.
Sakura with her eyebrow's raised: ...
Sai watches in silence

Kiba, whispering to Sakura: What should we do Sakura...? Isn't it better if we just tell him like it is?
Lee: !
Footsteps interrupt Sakura and Kiba
Sakura: I've had enough! I'm going back!
Kiba squating: Oh geez...
Akamaru worried: Ku~~~n
Naruto stares at Sakura's back
Sakura: Let's go! Kiba, Lee-san, Sai!
Lee: Sakura-san...
Kiba: Let's go
Naruto watches everyone from behind
Sakura's eyes closed (looks like she's crying?): (Naruto...I'm sorry!)

Sai looks to the side from the end of his eyes
There's another small team in hiding watching

Kiba: Is this ok Sakura?
Sakura: Kiba, I have a favor.
Kiba: ! What?
Sakura: From here I want to search for Sasuke! Please help!

Wind, Lightning, Water, and Earth dispatch from the treetops and are moving.

Kurotsuchi: If we dispose of the Hachibi and Kyubi, Madara's plans won't go as planned and we can weaken the military force of the Cloud and Leaf, killing two birds with one stone right?
Tsuchikage: This time there's no point in doing that.
Kurotsuchi: Why!? You've become a stubborn old man huh.
Tsuchikage recalls Gaara's words: (When did you guys cast yourselves aside?)
Tsuchikage: ...it's because I remembered...
Kurotsuchi: Remembered what?
Akatsuchi: ?
Tsuchikage: ...how I was before I became stubborn.

You start to see Samehada's true shape from his bandages

Ponta falls: Uguu
Sabu-chan wields his axe: Ponta is a raccoon! I'll have you realize my sentiments!
Bee taking notes: (Sentiments...so you use it at a time like this...Alright! Ok!)
Kisame attacks Sabu-chan: You're trying to get in my way huh!

Bee throws his pencil, and Kisame avoids it
Kisame slashes at Bee, but Bee dodges
The pencil he threw sticks into the ground
Kisame: (With a Raiton, he used a high frequency vibration to increase it's power to penetrate. A pencil huh...a piercing ability greater than that of Fuuton...that's some crazy vibration...if I take a hit like that, it will undoubtedly pierce right through me)

Sabu-chan takes this opportunity to slash at Kisame: Yosakukiri!!
Kisame blocks and stops the attack with his sword
Kisame: (He's tracking my movements with a mid-range Raiton using projectile weapons)

Switching to Bee
Kisame: Moreover, that oscillation, they're trying to place me in-between huh)
Bee goes after Kisame with Raiton flowing through his sword: (With this, two hole~s! I despise you!)
Kisame take the attack, stopping it with his sword
Bee: !?
Sabu-chan: (What's going on!? Bee's Super Vibrato Raiton blade didn't pierce!?)
Bee roaring: Uiiii!
He puts on the 8-tails (chakra) form
Bee aims at Kisame: Heddo Hatto* (Eight Headed Sword) (they butt heads)
Sabu-chan: (The form of the Hachibi! Ok! With this he's getting serious!)


Sabu: !
Kisame stops the blow with his head
Bee: ...! You..my chakra...
Sabu: Bee! I saw it! That sword! That sword sucks chakra! With that last attack (the super vibrato raiton blade), before you made contact with his body, your chakra was absorbed! That's why it didn't pierce!

You see more and more of Samehada

Kisame: Because of the tailed beast your chakra tastes of octopus. At this rate Samehada's going to get overexcited over something this rare...some shavings will do.

Bee, bumping his left forehead to Kisame's: It's unexpected you'd make such cute eyes♪ Soon you'll be making the eyes of a dead fish♪

Bee separates himself from Kisame
You see more and more of Samehada's form

Kisame: Hoshigaki Kisame, after this you will recognize that name.
Samehada changes...a close match with Killer Bee!?

♪ End ♪♪♪♪

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