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Naruto Manga 471 Confirmed Spoiler

naruto 471 english scan is out

Naruto Manga 471: Tailed Beast Version 2

naruto manga 471 raw scan

Naruto Manga 471 Confirmed spoiler
(from narutofan translated by shounensuki)
Sabu: "The sword changed..."
Samehada: "Gigigigigi"
Killer Bee: "Oh? Hoshigaki Kisame... you say"
Killer bee puts his finger in his mouth and writes the name in a book.
Kisame: "There's ink coming from his mouth...... The rumours were right, he is an octopus guy."
Killer Bee: "He's gonna make you cry in sorrow! This octopus guy! Wiiiiiii!!"

The Tailed Beast cloak goes up to seven tails
Sabu: "The Tailed Beast form... There are seven chakra tails...! Bee is serious!"

Killer Bee: "Did you know?"
Kisame: "What?"
Killer Bee attacks Kisame with a sword in one hand
Killer Bee: "Octopi eat sharks!"
Samehada avoids Killer Bee's assault
(Kisame just set up Samehada, but Samehada is moving on its own, avoiding the attack)

Sabu: "The sword dodged!"
Samehada moves on its own and attacks Killer Bee, but he avoids it.
However, [one of] Killer Bee's tails is eaten.
Samehada: "Gyagigigiii~!!"
Kisame: "It seems that this time, the shark is going to eat the octopus

Sabu: "He absorbed Bee's chakra again... Furthermore, that guy's sword became huge!"
Killer Bee: "That sword 'Samehada'... It's a fast-eating glutton, but... the amount of chakra it can eat in one time seems to be about six tails..."

He decreases the amount of tails to one.

Killer Bee: "If this version is like this... the next version should do good..."

Choujuurou: "There it is Mizukage-sama. This time it's here."
Mizukage: "Judging from the flow of the markings, Ao should be around here. Let's hurry."
Choujuurou: "Yes ma'am!"

Fū: "Dammit... It's useless, as I though..."
Ao's body is moving against his will because of the Shintenshin technique; there's a fuda attached to his right eye (a barrier ninjutsu used by Kiri's ANBU), which he's trying to take off with a kunai.

Fū: "If anything is threatening the eye, it is automatically invoked, hm? A jutsu you guys thought of in what is popularly called the Corpse Processing Team... I didn't think it would be simple... When I gauge out your eye, the eye of the technique's use, my eye, will also become useless... You understand this, right?"

Ao: "Danzou's orders...? What is that subordinate thinking?"

Fū: "This single eye of mine is a small price to pay for lowering Kiri's war potential so much. The barrier is making it impossible right now, but still... Still, I can try as long as I need"

Ao: "What is he planning to do?"

Fū: "If i jump down from here, I won't be able to take the head off. If the eye is impossible, there's nothing left but taking your entire head back to Konoha."

Fū uses Ao's body and climbs a tree, ready to jump down.

Ao: "He's planning to die?"

Fū: "No, when the head is about to go off, I'll cancel the Shintenshin... At any rate, you will die... Once I'm back in my own body, I'll return here and take your head."
Ao: "Oh well... If you're going to do something like that, you have to take care... If you don't you'll fail."

Fū: "What do you mean?"

Ao: "if you get even a little bit scared and cancel the echnique too soon, I'll definately defend myself against the sickle. Supposing I won't die... when you come back to pick up my head, our situations will be reversed, don't you think?"

Fū uses Ao's body to grab the sickle. He aims it and falls.

Kisame: "This is the first time Samehada became this big. He isn't half happy it seems."

Eight-Tails: "Let me out too, change into your Tailed Beast form Bee!"

Killer Bee: "No you idiot! This guy! With eight tails, our attacks are too big; they'll wreck the entire surroundings. Richt now, Sabu-chan-sensei and Ponta are here as well. Furthermore, I finally managed to conceal my body. If I let you out, ti will be like going 'Here's the Eight-Tailed Killer Bee!' "

Eight-Tails: "You're worn out, aren't you Bee! What are you gonna do? Are you gonna use Version 2?"

Killer Bee: "Aayeah~♪ However, in the exchange of blows before, he almost stole all my chakra... Lend me some of yours!"
Eight-Tails: "Hmpf, without me, you'd have been defeated a long time ago"

Killer Bee: "What a brazen speech~♪ You have my thanks for your compassion yeah~♪"

Killer Bee changes into his seven-tailed Tailed Beast form (His entire body turn pitch-black)

Killer Bee: "Let's... go..."

Kisame: "Tailed Beast transformation?"

Sabu: "No! This is... a Tailed Beast's power supressed into a human form..."

Killer Bee: "Lariat!!!!"

On Killer Bee's shoulders, something looking like the skull of a bull appears.

Samehada: "Pigigigigii!!"

Kisame: "Samehada is so exited, it's tripping... The volume of the chakra... its quality... it's incomparable to before... He's the only one of the nine... He has so much control he can use this much chakra and stillm keep his own personality..."
"He cannot eat up such an amount..."
The Lariat crashes into Samehada. Fragments of Samehada fly around.

Sabu: "He did it!!!"

Killer Bee: "Making me go into this version... you're one impatiant, gluttonous sword!"

He goes back to the Tailed Beast cloak

Kisame: "He did it... didn't he..."

Sabu: "It's still alive! Quickly, pay attention!"

Killer Bee: "!?"

Kisame touches Samehada and the wound in his abdomen heals

Kisame: "If my opponent is strong, I'll become stronger in proportion to that strength... I will neither get tired, nor break down."

Sabu: "The sword robs the opposing person of their chakra... then passes it over to its owner as stamina... that's the arrangement?"

I'm not too sure about the sentence "He's the only one of the nine..."

]Kisame: "That is why... I'm called a Tailed Beast without a tails..."

Water Release: Great Exploding Water Colliding Wave (水遁・大爆水衝波, Suiton: Daibaku Suishouha)¹

The entire surface surrounding them becomes like a sea.

Kisame: "If the battle is prolonged, I'll shave off [your chakra] and weaken you as much as it's prolonged... but, the shaved off parts will rapidly strengthen me."

Sabu: "Bee! you have to grab that guy's sword! That sword is the key to his strength!"

Kisame fuses with Samehada.

Killer Bee: "!?"

Kisame: "If you can rip it from my body, that is"

The end.

¹ He used Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave during his fight with Team Guy

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