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Naruto Manga 472 Confirmed Spoiler

naruto 472 raw pictures

Naruto Manga 472

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status: confirmed

Kisame & Samehada's Superior Shark Collaboration!!
Water Prison and the Struggle to the Death!!
Ponta in the middle of the water.

Sabu-chan Sensei, looking at Kisame: ...he fused with his sword..!?

Bee: It's as if he's a human thats become half, or more like a fish that's become like a human...?
Sabu: ...I'm running out of breath, and it's too long to explain! He's half fish, half human!
Kisame: Alright, here I come.

Ponta can't breathe.

Bee: At this rate Sabu-chan and Ponta are going to drown. We've got to get out of the water first!
Bee, in his 8-tails cloak, holds Sabu-chan by the collar and Ponta by the tail, runs away.
How far do they have to swim? And what of their escape? The water doesn't end.
Bee: I can't see the end! An unreal amount of in the world~~!
Kisame: You can't escape from this Suiton. The difference in the advantage I have over you is too great.
As Kisame moves, the dome of water moves with him.

Sabu: Bee, behind you!
Bee: ! This situation is perfect! Like I would lose to you!!
Hachibi: This isn't the time for your rapping! Have you noticed!? That half fish, half man is the core, moving the body of water with him! And on top of that, he's faster than you in the water! Because he's half fish, half man he can probably breathe under water too! So if you don't escape you will die.
Bee: Then what should we do?
Hachibi: Akatsuki's target is you! Leave that Enka old man and that Tanuki and run away from them! He will most certainly follow you!
Bee: I see, if I do that then those two...
Hachibi: Yes, as he's following you, the body of water will move with him, and if you get far enough, the others should get out of the water.

Bee tries running away and separating himself from Ponta and Sabu-chan.
Bee turning around: Alright! Come right this way--
Kisame aims for Ponta~~~~

Bee: What!!?
Kisame:The rule is to capture the Hachibi alive -- so it doesn't matter if the other two die!
Bee: I won't let you! You idiot!
Kisame and Bee race toward Ponta~~

Kisame: I got you!
Bee !
Kisame changes direction, and catches Bee.
Kisame: (suckers...!?)

(Octopus) suckers are coming out from Bee.

Bee: No matter how many times...if it's chakra you want, you can have it, you idiot!
Kisame: So he isn't called the perfect Jinchuuriki for no reason change into just part of the bijuu at this size like this...
Bee moving, Ponta and Sabu-chan are able to make it out of the water dome.

Hachibi: Alright, we're out!
Sabu-chan falls on top of Ponta's belly.
Bee tries to attack with one of his swords, but can he keep breathing?
Bee: Guah.

Kisame: You can hold your breath for quite some time huh...but are you at your limit? It was a good idea, but if you touch my body any more your chakra will be depleted. Samehada is shaking in delight...he's finally found chakra he likes.

Bee is distancing himself from Kisame.
Bee: If it goes that way, I'll use another Lariat. I've got to time this well...
Hachibi: Stop! You can't win against his his movements in the water! You should've been warned after that last guy with the octopus tentacle! We've got to retreat temporarily! Let's use that!
Kisame: In Akatsuki there isn't anyon better at capturing our targets alive...this Suirou Same Odori no Jutsu [Water Prison, Shark Dance Technique]...I have them barely survive and then shave off some chakra. It's fun trying to measure the extent he has. Well, there can't be room for failure.

Bee's mouth swells.
Kisame: !?
He spits out ink.
The water darkens.
Kisame: This is ink...he's blinding me...I see, this octopus brat.

Bee running away in the murky water.
Kisame follows and attacks.
Kisame: While fuzed with Samehada, my body can feel your chakra...
Bee collapses and coughs up blood.

Sabu-chan, watching the fight from atop Ponta's belly: Bee...
The water dome comes apart.
Sabu: !! Ku (I'm coming now, Bee!

Bee collapsed.
Kisame's fusion is undone and Samehada returns to sword form.
Kisame: Not even the hachbi huh...
Kisame's wounds heal.
Kisame: If I had let you transform again, it would've been prevent that, I'm going to cut your legs off now...

Sabu-chan running.
Hachibi: Most of my chakra's been sucked! Damn! Bee, wake up! This is seriously bad!!
Kisame: I guess I can't cut you all up huh!
As he tries to cut, Samehada stretches away~~and it cuts Kisame's hands.

Kisame releases Samehada from his hands.
Samehada in front of Bee (it looks like Samehada is protecting Bee) Samehada: Gigigi...
Kisame: It can't be...Samehada's become attached to the hachibi...does it like his chakra that much...Samehada
Samehada's handle move towards Bee.

Bee: Ugh.
Kisame: (The chakra it stole from me!) Kisame runs over and kicks Samehada.
Samehada crashes into a tree.
Bee crawls along the ground~
Kisame: ...! This is exchange one another's swords huh?
Kisame picks up one of Bee's swords: Heh...this blade...
Kisame: Now I'm going to cut you up!!
Kisame slashes at Bee.

Can hachibi do anything while on the verge of death!?
- end-